The wolfwolf(TV)[2013]
The wolfwolf(TV)[2013]
The wolfwolf(TV)[2013]

The wolfwolf(TV)[2013]

Episode: 30 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Guanhua Liang Viva Guangbei Zhang More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Yue Pan Ming Hao Year: 2013
Writer: Jin Ge Genre: Drama | War | Anti-japanese

《The wolfwolf》Episodes

The Wolfhunter tells the story of Tongchuan, a small town on the lower reaches of the Yangtze River in the early 1940s, and aloof from Hong Kong Zhong Ning a> Walk on the brink of death for vengeance, chase down Da Dao and his seven accomplices . The existence of the wolfhunter was a nightmare for the Japanese army of Tungcheon, the gendarmerie captain Xi Tian the smell of the "wolf" After finally releasing the wolfhunter's whereabouts, the wolfhunter fell into a bitter fight with Xi Tian. Zhong Ning shot it out. The wolfhunter broke through and Zhong Ning took the dragon king as a teacher. Dragon King Lao Liang carefully cultivated Zhong Ning from skill skills to tactical strategies, admonishing Zhong Ning to kill Japanese immigrants. Inflicted by the old Liang, Zhong Ning began to accept the Communist Party's anti-war theory of the entire people, but the hatred of his father has always affected her choice. In the conflict between her own private enmity and Lao Liang's anti-Qingxiang mission, she left the wolfhunter. She united a female martial arts successor who was also persecuted by the Japanese aggressors. Tang Shao , Miss Capitalist Lin Die uses the wisdom of women to eradicate the enemy. Hatred is the driving force of Zhong Ning's advancement, but hatred is also a distorting tumor in Zhong Ning's life. In the words and deeds of Lao Liang, Zhong Ning gradually realized that he had incorporated a little wolfhunter and integrated it into the Communist resistance force. Zhong Ning teamed up with the wolfhunters and started fighting against Xi Tian. He countered the imperial association army, destroyed chemical plants, rescued prisoners of war, and removed Da Dao, the commander of the garrison, to slay the gendarmerie captain Xi Tian. Winning the final victory in the anti-Qingxiang battle. 

Plot Summary>>

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