See the sky at dawn and see the clouds at dusk(TV)[2018]
See the sky at dawn and see the clouds at dusk(TV)[2018]

《See the sky at dawn and see the clouds at dusk》Episodes

《See the sky at dawn and see the clouds at dusk》Ep1:jiang yuntian went to nursing school for training

All the students rushed to the scene of the disaster and asked to complete the rescue within four hours.Mu XiaoXiaoAs a member of the air rescue team, also took part in the relief activities, from flash floods to the perils of the sea, they saved a lot of people from death to life, they came down from a helicopter, carrying a rescue package came to the rescue site, in the face of blood and wounds, to focus on the wounded groan, her and the little girl, same age for these images have been used to now, but who would have thought that in five months ago, she is a nurse school is an ordinary little girl, looks force medium, achievement reluctantly medium, to a life without a plan for the future, hangs out with a group of friends happy, since I met jiang yun, The sea of his life changed forever

Jiang yun is the senior students, the pilot five months came to nursing, a month of first aid training, jiang yun to nursing on that day, he and his classmates got off the plane, just appeared in the airport handsome, wasMu XiaoXiaoand her classmates as a star Zhu Xiaopeng, Mu and jiang yun XiaoXiao so has once, Mu XiaoXiao's classmate and jiang yun's classmate in the collision.

Back from the airport,Mu XiaoXiaohurried to school, but still late step, school closed the door, she had to climb from the dog in the hole and the walls of the school, she just go head into, an article of clothing falls on her head, and then jiang yun jumped down from the wall,Mu XiaoXiaoanthomaniac looked at jiang yun, could not help but let out a cry again good handsome ah, jiang yun fromMu XiaoXiaohead took the clothes off,Mu XiaoXiaoquickly said, is the end of the world with reduced people asked him to pull himself a pair of, As jiang pulledMu XiaoXiaoout of the wall, he fell to the ground.

Mu XiaoXiao's classmates saw jiang yun's students in class, because of misunderstanding each other at the airport there is no good words, the results with the mineral water at each other over the water-sprinkling festival,Mu XiaoXiaoarrived at the classroom was poured a full face of water, after the teacher come, they just back to the seat, the teacher let them do the introduction, eachMu XiaoXiaothis just know and they are two sides of the edge of the handsome boy named jiang yun.

Jiang was late for class again. This class was about CPR. The teacher asked jiang to lie on a stretcher on the platform and letMu XiaoXiaocome to the platform to perform CPR.

As punishment, the teacher asked the students to clean the laboratory late, heard that the lab is haunted, Mu XiaoXiao concerns about the safety of jiang yun went to see him, ran to the laboratory jiang yun and two other classmates will finish cleaning lab to have left, yun jiang left clothes in the lab, he took the dress back to the lab, Mu is scared and trembling laboratory XiaoXiao, see someone came, she was holding a broom, jiang yun to turn on the lights, angrily asked Mu XiaoXiao is colluding with others deliberately the whole he, Mu XiaoXiao shook his head and looked at her innocently. Jiang yuntian told her that it was so late that she had to return to her dormitory as soon as possible.

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