Make love last(TV)[1998]
Make love last(TV)[1998]

《Make love last》Character Relationships

TV《Make love last》the relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina 《Make love last》 Character Relationships:

《Make love last》Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Yang Zheng

From the same small city as Le Yan. He has a strong personality and will not yield because of anything. He has a strong survival ability. During college, he relied on himself to earn money to support himself. Wen Hui can never forget.

Wen Hui

Born in the city where she studied, she majored in English and went to study in the United States after her sophomore year. Finally, she married the United States. She is the first girlfriend of Yang Zheng in college, which is her first love. Therefore, she has left the most beautiful memories for her, so that when she returns to China before getting married, she will find the original pure girl's first love together with Yang Zheng.

Ruo Tong

She had a crush on Yang Zheng since college. She studied journalism and went to television after graduation. There was a lot of bitterness and anger with Yang Zheng because of her reports that he went to jail and because of her, Yang Zheng got through the most difficult period. Ruo Tong is a girl with strong personality, mature and stable.

Le Yan

A person who advocates perfection, because what he studies is architecture, his wish is to be a famous architect. His motto is: architecture is a towering monument on the earth. Because of his pursuit of perfection, he succeeded in his career. His dream was soon realized with the help of his wife, but he finally gave up everything in the face of his conscience.

Xiao Ai

No introduction

Shan Shan

No introduction

Su Lu

No introduction

Xiao Chun

No introduction

Bei Bei

No introduction

Chen Xi

No introduction

Jia Wei

No introduction

Yu Sen

He is a typical scholar who only loves reading. He always liked Wen Hui, and after he became acquainted with Wen Hui, Wen Hui could not feel the passion when he was with Yang Zheng. She later broke up with Wen Hui after feeling unable to be with her. Then the traffic accident was the first to die.



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