Great Southwestern (TV)[2010]
Great Southwestern (TV)[2010]
Great Southwestern (TV)[2010]

Great Southwestern (TV)[2010]

Episode: 59 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Yunlong Liu Su Ma Junyi Shen More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Shu Li Chen Qian Year: 2010
Writer: Sea fly Biao Wang Zeng Fanghua Genre: War | History | Love
Producer: Zhao Rui are

《Great Southwestern 》Episodes

The drama "Da Nan Xi Kee" plot introduction: "Da Southwest" is a life drama of good and evil, good and evil, and a symphony of the destiny of the protagonist who has finally returned to human nature. In the chaos of the world, the gathering is inconspicuous, and the market is getting different. This is a love story in a troubled world, and a stunning legend around 1950. Song YaoMei and bandit Liu DaMao should have been two parallel lines, but they were disturbed by the image of the troubled world into an acute angle. Life was cut over and there was a rare intersection, but it was finally unable to settle into a reunion. The performances in this drama are brotherhood, friendship, father and son, husband and wife, and the resulting contradictions. The story structure is dense, and the ring is tight, which allows the audience to accompany the ups and downs of the story. The fate of the characters is awkward...

Plot Summary>>

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