Big root's dream life(TV)[2015]
Big root's dream life(TV)[2015]

《Big root's dream life》Ep8:episode 8

Liu MingLun wants to move to Liu ShenYi's basement, big root refuses to move away, and Liu MingLun leaves alone. As the last day of the three-month probationary period came, Gao Bo was concerned that biggen had yet to make an order and was once again ridiculed by customers. At the conclusion meeting, Ma Ke announced that the probationary period was over. His "Wolf team" defeated Xia Tian's "dark horse team", and big root was expelled as agreed. Everyone felt sad for big root's leaving. Big root was reluctant to stay in the office and finally left. Xia Tian met him and comforted him and encouraged him to stick to his dream. Gao Bo and Dong JiaoJiao won the prize at the best employee recognition conference. Big roots suddenly appeared. The design of Gao Bo allowed the big roots to stay in the new dream. Zhang Nan, a neighbor of dagen, was bullied for spreading the stickers, and dagen was beaten for helping the innocent.

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