Big root's dream life(TV)[2015]
Big root's dream life(TV)[2015]

《Big root's dream life》Ep18:episode 18

To win the PK, Dong JiaoJiao, Gao Bo and Yu ChaoQun are working hard to develop new customers. Dagen is not afraid of failure. He visits the manager of the pet store tian and the clothing store manager qian to persuade them to sign up for the new dream course to overcome business difficulties. Lu dongming's property company suffered from a collective protest march by owners over suppliers. Dagen advised lu dongming to face up to the loss. Lu dongming hesitated in the face of huge compensation. Xia Tian also agreed with dagen and suggested lu dongming compensate the owner for the loss. Lu dongming made up his mind to face it bravely and finally got through the difficulty. The misunderstanding and contradiction between lu dongming and Xia Tian father and daughter have been alleviated.

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