Healing HandsⅡ(TV)[2000]
Healing HandsⅡ(TV)[2000]

《Healing HandsⅡ》Ep1:episode 1 - the heart of a serial car crash

Two years later, Li GuoZhu is still in charge of the emergency department, but is dissatisfied with Mr. Nguyen, who replaced Tang ZiLi. Cheng ZhiMei has been performing well in brain surgery and is very popular among medical students. The department of gynaecology and obstetrics came a Wan AnSheng with outstanding talent and beauty but cold and frosty. A woman was sent to the hospital in a coma after a car crash. After reviewing her medical records, she found that she had been a patient of Ann's. After ansheng received a message and visited the injured, she was no longer alive. Mo XueFang, a hospital social worker, said he was overwhelmed by patients' refusal to help on the day. Jiang XinYue's death of his younger brother, AIDS, launched a fundraising bike to promote the awareness of AIDS around the world, which suffered the country pillars to care for the pet left dog "piglet". Crescent back to Hong Kong happy to see the national pillar pick up, but when she found out that the national pillar play son, he was punished. He XinYan and his boyfriend Lin minzhi happened to have passed by. Four doctors tried their best to save the injured. Ansheng was sent to the scene and delivered the pregnant woman. National pillar home to see the new moon note and gift feeling sweet, two people reconciliation. Ansheng does a good job, but makes her sister ningsheng, a resident doctor, feel under pressure.

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