Condor heroes(TV)[1984]
Condor heroes(TV)[1984]

《Condor heroes》Cast

Yang Guo Fei Meng Play)

Fei Meng

Fei Meng, Mainland Actor, Senior Cast Director, Casting Director Born on February 7 in Zhengzhou, Henan province, 8-year-old martial artist graduated from Wuhan Sports Institute Taekwondo national team. In 2004, starred in Du Yunping's film "Life and Death Boundaries" as Wang Qiang opened his acting career; 2007, partner Bibi appeared in the story movie "Fugitives" as Jiang Wancheng and was familiar to the audience; 2010, fought deputy director and cast director , Has been involved in the filming of the TV series "summer home three thousand gold", "Suddenly", "Beijing love story", "daughter return", "in full bloom", "why shengxiao silent" "beautiful", "indifferent" 2017 "Orange Red" and many other outstanding film and television works.

Xiao LongNv Angela Pan Play)

Angela Pan

Angela Pan Yin-tze (born 5 June 1949) is a Hong Kong actress who starred in numerous films and soap operas in the 1970s–1980s.

Guo Jing Wan-Pang Heung Play)

Wan-Pang Heung

Wan-pang Heung is a Taiwanese actor. Won the nomination for Best Supporting Actor for the 17th Taiwan Golden Horse Film Awards and Best Actor for the 18th Taiwan Golden Horse Awards. Among the middle-aged people in Taiwan, his name has been used. More than 20 years ago, Wan-pang Heung was a Taiwanese cinema fanboy and movie Golden Horse winner. In 1980, he won the Best Supporting Actor for the 17th Taiwan Golden Horse Film Awards in the film "Country Man" with his excellent acting skills. The following year, he performed in the film "Classmate" and won the nomination for Best Actor for the 18th Taiwan Golden Horse Awards.

Huang Rong Shenhai Rong Play)

Shenhai Rong

Hoi-Yung Shin, whose real name is Shen Rong, originally from Shanghai, was born in 1958. Graduated from Taiwan's military with high school fill camp for the navy art brigade "Haiguangguo team" the first phase of graduates, the team served for one year. In 1978 to join "China Television Company" as the basic actor. The first performance of the series for the "Jiangshan Miles love" to the show "Featured Drama" "Di Si Niang" became officially popular. 1979

More《Condor heroes》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
(None) Guo Fu No introduction
ANGELA Guo Xiang No introduction
Bei XinYu Lu WuShuang No introduction
Hsiu Chun Lin Cheng Ying No introduction
(None) Li MoChou No introduction
Zheng Yayun Hong LingBo No introduction
Sunny Fu Gong SunLvE No introduction
(None) Yin ZhiPing No introduction
Hap Wong Huang YaoShi No introduction
(None) Ou YangFeng No introduction
(None) Zhou BoTong No introduction
(None) Jin LunFaWang No introduction
(None) Huo Dou No introduction
(None) Hu BiLie No introduction
(None) Wan YanPing No introduction
(None) Ye LvQi No introduction
(None) Ye LvYan No introduction
(None) Wu DunRu No introduction
(None) Wu XiuWen No introduction
JianrongXu Wang ChongYang No introduction
(None) Zhao ZhiJing No introduction
Rong-chi Suen Hong QiGong No introduction
(None) Da ErBa No introduction
(None) Qiu ChuJi No introduction
(None) Lu LiDing No introduction
Ga-lam Suen Lu ErNiang No introduction
(None) Wu SanTong No introduction
(None) Wu SanNiang No introduction
(None) Ke ZhenE No introduction
(None) Sun PoPo No introduction

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