《大唐女法医》Character Relationships

TV《大唐女法医》the relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina 《大唐女法医》 Character Relationships:

《大唐女法医》Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Ran Yan

In order to find out the truth of her mother's suicide, she began to learn the medical autopsy from her childhood. When she was an adult, she encountered the criminal department assistant minister Xiao Song and the killer su fu. She solved one murder case after another and met true love in the process of searching for the truth.

Xiao Song

Assistant minister Xiao Song in the criminal department is also known as "the nightmare of officialdom". He is not only good-looking and has a magnetic voice, but also has strong reasoning ability for solving cases.


No introduction

Sang Chen

A gifted scholar boy known as "two rabbits" has a lovely naive, weak reputation.

Ran YunSheng

Fresh and elegant appearance, gentle and elegant personality of the young talent. I took good care of my cousin Ran Yan and often helped her solve cases. In business, a gentle, unservile and domineering manner always gives him the upper hand. Born economic brains, combined with hard work, made him an early leader in the trade field.



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