Female medical examiner of datang(TV)[2018]
Female medical examiner of datang(TV)[2018]

《Female medical examiner of datang》Cast

Ran Yan Pinky Play)

In order to find out the truth of her mother's suicide, she began to learn the medical autopsy from her childhood. When she was an adult, she encountered the criminal department assistant minister Xiao Song and the killer su fu. She solved one murder case after another and met true love in the process of searching for the truth.


周洁琼,艺名Pinky,1998年12月16日出生于中国浙江省台州市,毕业于首尔表演艺术高中,中国内地流行乐女歌手、演员,韩国女子组合PRISTIN成员。周洁琼13岁就开始在韩国Pledis Entertainment经纪公司当练习生。2016年1月,参加选秀节目《PRODUCE 101》,获得第6名,成为限定组合I.O.I成员,进行为期1年的活动 ;5月,随I.O.I发布首张迷你专辑《Chrysalis》 ;5月22日,随I.O.I获得第12届亚洲模特盛典歌手部门新人奖 ;10月,随I.O.I公开第二张迷你专辑《miss me?》 。2017年3月,随PRISTIN发布专辑《HI!PRISTIN》,正式出道 ;11月,随PRISTIN获得Mnet亚洲音乐大奖女子新人奖 。2018年1月,担任竞演类真人秀节目《偶像练习生》的舞蹈导师 ;10月,在古装悬疑剧《大唐女法医》中饰演冉颜 。

Xiao Song Toby Lee Play)

Assistant minister Xiao Song in the criminal department is also known as "the nightmare of officialdom". He is not only good-looking and has a magnetic voice, but also has strong reasoning ability for solving cases.

Toby Lee

Toby Lee, born November 22, 1987 in Taiwan, film and television actor in Taiwan, China. In 2013, Toby Lee signed Zheng Yuan Chang as its artist. In 2015, starred in the screen debut "rebirth lover." In 2016, for the first time, Michael Leung starred in the youth movie "July and Anson" as the corner of Su Jia Ming and won the 11th Annual Chinese Young Video Forum Annual Emerging Actor Award nomination. In 2017, he played a mature and warm teacher Xiao Weizhe in his campus love youth idol drama Marriage Invasion. In June, he won the Microblogging Movie Night Award for Outstanding New Actor. In the same year, he starred in the love food idol drama "My love is so spicy ".

-- Chen-jie Tong Play)

Chen-jie Tong

Chen-jie Tong, born December 3, 1981 in Shanghai, model, actor. In 2001, won the Shanghai International Fashion Model Contest runner-up and Leica fashion model award; In 2003, entered the world supermodel contest fifteen best; 2005, selected Forbes China celebrity list 94; 2006, began to host, performing arts development ; In 2011, starred in the personal first movie "purple house"; 2012, starred in the action spy war drama "before the decisive battle"; 2015, starred Huang Xiaoming, Chen Qiaoen starring TV series "Splendor margin gorgeous adventure."

Sang Chen Lan Bo Play)

A gifted scholar boy known as "two rabbits" has a lovely naive, weak reputation.

Lan Bo

2017年,参加进阶式beta综艺真人秀《超次元偶像》出道 ,同年参与录制了湖南卫视户外真人秀节目《小子好样的》 。2018年携手杜海涛、沈梦辰、王一博等众主持团为观众带来《新春旺18》参加湖南卫视小年夜春晚;同年参与《快乐大本营》 和《嘿!好样的》 录制。

More《Female medical examiner of datang》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Tao Sun Ran YunSheng Fresh and elegant appearance, gentle and elegant personality of the young talent. I took good care of my cousin Ran Yan and often helped her solve cases. In business, a gentle, unservile and domineering manner always gives him the upper hand. Born economic brains, combined with hard work, made him an early leader in the trade field.

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