Before dawn(TV)[2016]
Before dawn(TV)[2016]

《Before dawn》Ep2:episode 2

Director he suspects that Tang JingYun is basaltic. If Tang JingYun is basaltic, he must have a tattoo on his back. Both du and wei believed that Tang JingYun was not xuanwu, but director he insisted that Tang JingYun take off her cloak. To prove his innocence, Tang JingYun took off his coat and turned his back to director he. To the surprise of du and wei, Tang JingYun had a tattoo on the waist of his back. Director he reminded Tang JingYun of the suspicion of xuanwu, Tang JingYun was surprised to guess that he had been framed. He remembered that he had been in a coma for a while, and someone must have tattooed him while he was unconscious. When Tang JingYun heard that his wife had an accident, she threw herself away from the police at the cost of everything. She marched into her cell and found the cell where she was being held. Yuan shuying lay on the ground with blood on her legs. He asked him to send yuan shuying to the hospital. Yuan shuying had helped him crack the five lines. Mr Ho gave Mr Yuan permission to leave his cell at Mr Du's repeated request. While du shaojie was not at the police station, he personally escorted Tang JingYun to the mountain for execution. Four of Tang JingYun's colleagues were taken to the mountain ahead of time and were about to be shot. One of them had just become a father and longed to live happily with his wife and children. Tang JingYun knelt down to director he to save his four colleagues and intercede. Director he reminded Tang JingYun of his indifference and ruthlessly reminded him why he did not know what he was doing today. With no result, Tang JingYun grabbed a rifle and pointed it at director he. Tang JingYun asked him to let go of his four colleagues. However, he was not afraid of Tang JingYun's gun and ordered his staff to kill Tang JingYun's four colleagues. Tang JingYun was held to the ground by the police around him. Du returned to the police station and went outside the office of director he, who was on the phone, mysteriously mentioning the delivery and the name of boss dai. Du shaojie had doubts in his mind, and wei analyzed director he's urgent behavior of forcing Tang JingYun to confess. He suspected that director he might be an accomplice with the person who framed Tang JingYun. In order to find out about director he, du shaojie decided to follow director he. Wang yifeng, head of the underground party of the mountain city, met with du shaojie secretly, and the two talked about the current situation. Du came back home to meet Tang JingYun, who came to visit him, and offered to follow him with Tang JingYun. Director he's out of town to meet people, du shaojie's men liu zifeng rushed over, shot and killed director he, from the director of the hands of the black box. Du shaojie rushed over and wounded liu zifeng, who was injured by a sneak attack by Tang JingYun. A mysterious masked men in black arrived by car, from liu zifeng took the box, turned away. Tang JingYun shot and wounded his wife, yuan shuying, according to his figure.As he judged, yuan shuying returned home with the box, made a phone call to report to her superiors that she had completed the task and reluctantly removed the bullet from her back. Tang JingYun went back to find his wife, yuan shuying, followed by his wife, yuan shuying, and raised his pistol.

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