The most beautiful arrangement(TV)[2018]
The most beautiful arrangement(TV)[2018]
The most beautiful arrangement(TV)[2018]

The most beautiful arrangement(TV)[2018]

Episode: 50 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Language: Mandarin
Year: 2018
Genre: Urban family

《The most beautiful arrangement》Episodes

The drama “The Most Beautiful Arrangement” introduces the story: It tells about the death of Pan Dawei’s wife, Yang Bing, for many years. Yang Bing’s young sister Yang Qing returned from abroad and wanted to retrieve the abandoned children. The child was Pan Dawei’s daughter. Pan Dawei did not allow Yang Qing to tell the children the truth. Yang Qing established a deep feeling with Pandora in his capacity as a second wife. Yang Qing wanted to sneak Pandora away, and was discovered by Pandora and broke up with Yang Qing. A series of stories that followed.

The most beautiful arrangement related information:

Produced by Beijing Yueshenglong Film & Television Media Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Yujing Film Co., Ltd., directed by renowned director Liu Guoquan, and Li Chong is the screenwriter, Fan Ming, Yan Danchen, Zhang Dajing, Wen Yujuan, etc., starring modern urban light comedy "The Most Beautiful Arrangement" "Formally started up, as a film and television work whose content is very colorful, the drama also sparked everyone's attention, warming up their hearts and passing on good family traditions. It can be said to be a very meaningful TV drama work.

Talk about people's family emotions, interpreting everything with love

The TV series “The Most Beautiful Arrangement” illustrates the joys, sorrows and joys of ordinary people’s family life. It has both laughter and grief. It is both indifferent and sincere, and it is an excellent TV drama that integrates life into one. From the perspective of a small person as the starting point, deeply discuss topics such as affection, love, and affection. The drama comes from life, perhaps you can see you, me, his shadow, for love, for the loved ones. I believe this is also a topic of concern for each and every one of us. In real life, home is everything we have. We have everything at home. With happiness, everything will become even better.

The family has special significance for each of us, from small family to big family, country, and the world. Every Chinese person is linked to “home” to build a life, build society, manage the country, and govern the world. The play also elaborates the important position of “Family Style” in the “Family Culture” in a comprehensive and detailed manner with humor, and shows the essence of the “Family Style” of “Benevolence and Filial Piety”.

We hope that the TV drama "The Most Beautiful Arrangement" will be held at an early date to meet with the audience, and that the drama will bring everyone a wonderful opportunity!

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《The most beautiful arrangement》Episodes

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