Chen HuaiHai Baoguo Chen Play)

Chen HuaiHai 义气、隐忍、智慧、幽默,他是好汉街的主心骨,为人为商皆为楷模。他有着“闯关东”等众多传奇经历,在老酒馆里谋生计、释大义。[6]

Baoguo Chen

Chen Baoguo (born 9 March 1956) is an award winning Chinese actor. He graduated from the Central Academy of Drama, Erjia in 1977 and has since acted in many films and television series, including The Emperor in Han Dynasty, Da Zhai Men and Rob-B-Hood. He is married to actress Zhao Kui'e (赵奎娥).

Gu SanMei Hailu Qin Play)

Chen HuaiHai 之妻。初来乍到好汉街,只因是孤身女子就遭无德酒客议论,她毫不示弱以牙还牙,让好汉街的男人们对她刮目相看,而 Gu SanMei 的真实身份其实是中共地下党的一名情报人员,梨园出身的她,将酒馆作为情报站,为了家国大义,毅然“走下梨园上战场”,可谓“巾帼不让须眉”。

Hailu Qin

Qin Hailu (Chinese: 秦海璐, born 11 August 1978) is a Chinese actress, screenwriter and singer. She has won Best Actress at the Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards, Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award and Golden Bauhinia Awards.

San Ye Hua Liu Play)

他是掌柜 Chen HuaiHai 闯关东时的生死兄弟,开了酒馆之后他担任酒馆的管账会计,见证了乱世之下的各种凋零和人心,对 Chen HuaiHai 始终是尽心辅佐,不管遇到什么样的境遇,从未有过二心,是 Chen HuaiHai 值得“托付终身”的男人。

Hua Liu

Liu Hua (born 1 June 1961) is a Chinese actor. He is noted for his roles as Zhen Chengzong in Under The Temptation, for which he received Best Supporting Actor Award nomination at the 4th Macau International Movie Festival.

Xiao QingTian Xiaochen Wang Play)

Xiaochen Wang

Xiaochen Wang, born July 25, 1988 in Qingdao, Shandong Province, graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy in 2008 and is an actress in Mainland China. In 2006, Xiaochen Wang, who attended the school, began her acting career as a solo artist in her first TV series, Modern Beauty. In 2007, starred in historical costume drama "Su Dongpo." In 2009, participated in the legendary drama "Republic of China". In 2010, starring in the TV series "clown daddy". In 2011, it won the New Year Brand Communication Award of the 3rd China Brand and Communication Conference. In 2013, he played the party Yi Yiyi in the urban emotional drama "My Love Boyfriend" and was well known to viewers. In 2014, he starred in the urban inspirational light comedy "Mom as Flowers," starring in the same year contemporary urban drama "second child era." In 2015, starring in emotional warm play "good times" and youth inspirational drama "Hello Joan." In April 2016, starring metropolitan love comedy "My! P.E. teacher" . May 21, 2016, won the 19th Huading Award for the national audience favorite movie star. In 2017, he starred in the urban emotional drama "The Reason of Happiness" and starred in the new martial arts drama "Ping Xia Xia Ying" in the same year.


Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Yu Cheng Lao JingCha 面冷心热的 Lao JingCha ,在 Chen HuaiHai 一行人初到大连好汉街时百般为难,之后却成为惺惺相惜的好友,虽为日伪警察,仍尽其所能保护邻里乡亲。
Lei Feng He YiTang He YiTang 留过洋,开过日料店和中餐馆,最终失败潦倒,到 Chen HuaiHai 的酒馆做跑堂。平时有点儿不着边际,但是骨子里非常传统和善良, Chen HuaiHai 多次对他出手相救, He YiTang 也以此坚持了应该坚持的东西。[8]
Enhe Feng Na ZhengHong 他是满清旗人,自恃身份不同于别人,早年的时候在宫里给小 Wang Ye 们当过师傅教摔跤,身手不错,爱说大话,但为人仗义眼里不揉沙。
Kefan Cao Cun Tian No introduction
Margaret Er YiTai No introduction
Xilin Zhang Gao XianSheng No introduction
Han-Lin Gong Du XianSheng No introduction
Honggang Tu Wang Ye No introduction
Yuemo Chen Jin XiaoShou No introduction
Niu Ben Lao ErLiang No introduction
Tan Feng Lao MoGu No introduction
Zhaoqi Shi Lao BeiFeng No introduction
Chilling Lei Zi No introduction
Zhidi Bai He XiaoBian No introduction
Gang Yi Liang Zi No introduction
Cao Meng grid Xiao Zun No introduction
Hong Yue Chen Qi No introduction
Cai Rong Hua Zi No introduction
Qingping Fang Fang XianSheng No introduction
Shanshan Yuan Wan Rong No introduction
(None) Lao BaiTou No introduction
Honggang Tu Da GaoGe No introduction
Dongsheng Zhang Yu CaiZhang No introduction
Ji Ta Ma LvZhang No introduction
Shanshan Qu Zhang Qi No introduction
Yisheng Wang Gai BangLiu No introduction
Daniel Feng Rou BingWang No introduction
Gang Yi Ban LaZi No introduction
Chilling Long Zi No introduction
Wang Xiaolong Ya Ba No introduction
Zhang Ying Xiao MianAo No introduction
Zhao Hongxia Lao JingChaXiFu No introduction
Ada Rou BingWangXiFu No introduction
Hanhuan Song Yang DaShaoYe No introduction
(None) Zuo DiPao No introduction
jintiefeng Hei Mu No introduction
(None) Han Ye No introduction
Jinsheng Zang Suan MingXiaZi No introduction
(None) Lu FengChun No introduction
Dao Qi Di XiaJiaoTongYuan No introduction
Xiaojie Tian Lv DaFu No introduction
Lei Fan Ba ShuJiuKe No introduction
Bin Liu Zhao ZhangGui No introduction
(None) Ke ZhanDianZhu No introduction
Han Lei Feng XianSheng No introduction
Tielong Shang Lao LieRen No introduction
Haozhen Li Ke RenQi No introduction
Gang Yao Dong ZhangGui No introduction
(None) Jiang LaoYu No introduction
Yajin Liu Jiu KeLu No introduction
Liu Wanting Lu Qi No introduction
Zihua Yang Jiu KeSong No introduction
GuangYu Xu Jiu KeXu No introduction
(None) Ji Tian No introduction
Yinqi Wang Che BaShi No introduction
Yisheng Wang Qi GaiLiu No introduction
Peilu Wang Qi GaiJia No introduction
Kark Xiao AiGe No introduction
Wang Kan Guo JiaWuGuanJia No introduction

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