Refresh 3 + 7(TV)[2012]
Refresh 3 + 7(TV)[2012]

《Refresh 3 + 7》Episodes

《Refresh 3 + 7》Ep1:Say good to our shop

Chen Jie was dumped by his girlfriend, feeling very depressed. When I was crying, I heard noise downstairs. Zhang Ying, a downstairs neighbor, was angry at his ex-boyfriend and was working in the middle of the night to decorate the tea shop. Because Chen Jie can not stop, had to find the police to help. After that, Chen Jie wanted to forget this feeling and put the bird he had kept for 5 years with his girlfriend. Later, his girlfriend called the phone for the bird thing, but the bird has been let go. Chen Jie in order to catch the bird back, inadvertently two people met. Chen Jie gradually discovered the special features of Zhang Ying, they gradually became good friends to talk about. Zhang Ying Watching Chen Jie always worried about his ex-girlfriend, when she knew Chen Jie wanted to cry, Zhang Ying took his bike hurricane and shouted while riding and giving vent to his depression. Chen Jie cried shouted out loud, at this point, Chen Jie finally put aside his ex-girlfriend. In the room where Zhang Ying was found, Chen Jie was also suffering from love, so she found out the contact details of Zhang Ying's ex-boyfriend Zhang Liang and clung to her ex-boyfriend with Zhang Ying. Zhang Ying will be their own years of life come together, but also completely ended the feelings with her ex-boyfriend. Subsequently, Zhang Ying thought that the tea shop once opened for anger was meaningless and completely smashed the store's contents and turned off the storefront to leave. A few months later, Zhang Ying returned home and found Chen Jie opening a new tea shop here, awaiting her return.

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