Refresh 3 + 7(TV)[2012]
Refresh 3 + 7(TV)[2012]

《Refresh 3 + 7》Cast

Chen Jie Ge Hu Play)

Chen Jie, from the unit of "Say Good to Our Shop", was deeply touched by the shadow of her feelings and could not live a normal life after being left for five years with her girlfriend. By chance, he met Zhang Ying, who was also deeply shadowed by the emotional shadow of the previous paragraph, who originally helped her decorate the tea shop and settle the emotional entanglement, eventually changing his life. [17]

Ge Hu

Hugo (Chinese: 胡歌, born 20 September 1982) is a famous Chinese actor and singer. While studying at the Shanghai Theater Academy, he was invited to play the leading role Li Xiaoyao in the 2005 television series Chinese Paladin, and immediately skyrocketed to fame as one of China's most popular actors. In September 2012, he was nominated for Best Newcomer at the 31st Hundred Flowers Awards for his role as Lin Juemin in Chinese historical film 1911. He is best known for his role as Mei Changsu in the 2015 television drama Nirvana in Fire, for which he received the Best Actor Award at the 22nd Magnolia Awards. Hu Ge is currently managed by Hu Ge Studio, contracted under Tangren Media.

Zhang Ying Mavis Fan Play)

Even if I was allergic to milk, the ex-boyfriend planned to open the Z + Z tea shop and designed the interior decoration to his liking. Even in the middle of the night noisy decoration is still driven by others, insisted on a day to open. The way to get acquainted with the end of the world Chen Jie, the two vindictive to each other to work together, and finally get rid of the previous failure of romance. [18]

Mavis Fan

Mavis Fàn (Chinese: 范曉萱; pinyin: Fàn Xiǎoxuān; born (1977-02-27)27 February 1977) is a Taiwanese singer and actress.

Ye TianMing Jinfu Jiang Play)

Ye TianMing, a unit from "My Neighborhood Committee Aunt", dreamed of attending the Kompas racers, but Ye TianMing still landed a fee of RMB9,000 for signing up for 100 days from the training course. So Ye TianMing went to the MTR to become a motorcycle to win the registration Fee, the way the total encounter "neighborhood aunt" Lin Jia blocked. In the end get along with common progress, dreams of hard working lovers. [3]

Jinfu Jiang

Jiang Jinfu (Chinese: 蒋劲夫, born 2 September 1991) is a Chinese actor and model.

Lin Jia Xu Xiaoyi Play)

From "My Neighborhood Committee Aunt" unit Lin Jia 100 days after the implementation of Beijing account, the dream of becoming a designer. Prior to realizing his dream, Lin Jia had been working in the neighborhood and was sent to rehabilitate Hemieh by Zhu Ren. Lin Jia also met Ye TianMing, although the two chased after the fight, finally sympathetic, dream together.

Xu Xiaoyi

Xu Xiaoyi, Mainland China Moderator and Actor, was born in Wuhan, Hubei Province. He graduated from the Art Department of Wuhan University majoring in film and television. He was honored as Best Actress of the 2012 Beijing Film Festival Film Festival. In 2016, he hosted "Little Aunt" and "Tencent NBA Live".

More《Refresh 3 + 7》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
(None) Wen Ting From "Artist" Unit Wen Ting is a capable and experienced gallery broker who fame painter and boyfriend Luo Xi. Insisting on packaging, even a farmer can make it an artist. After the packaging failed, Wen Ting also understood that art should be a pure thing. [4]
Jik-Wai Fan Luo Xi From the "Artist" Unit Luo Xi is a painter of art pursuits, grateful to his girlfriend Wen Ting's so-called fame packaging theory. As more and more can not stand Wen Ting, broke up. Finally, Wen Ting was exposed and Luo Xi stepped aside to gossip and compound with Wen Ting.
Yang Xiao Qian ManCang No introduction
Hao Qin Shen Dong Shen Dong from "Color Friday" unit is a painter. On the same day, all the unfortunate things happened to him. Just like the unlucky king, he was locked into a thief by Yu Jing and locked up at home. He also met Yu Jing's car accident. In the end, Shen Dong did not hesitate to take care of both Yu Jing and her daughter.
Jessica Hester Hsuan Yu Jing Yu Jing is a frustrated young woman about to divorce, and Yu Fu, who plans to divide up to one million in real estate, will find ways to raise money. In order to forget the past, she destroyed the wall, and then to find painter Shen Shen repainting. Because of misunderstanding, Shen Dong as a thief, the last car accident, but it is Shen Dong to take care of their mother and daughter; Thanksgiving Yu Jing no longer paranoid. [5]
(None) Xiao Xue No introduction
Yuan Lin Jiang Li From "Terracotta Warriors and Lucky Cats" Unit Jiang Li is a young girl who just graduated from performing arts. After repeated auditions, in order to survive in the restaurant can only play a mascot "Lucky Cat." One day was hit by the ball opposite Terracotta Warriors and Horses He TianZe, met with He TianZe. [7]
Tashi Dhondup Chen Nian From "The Story of a Small Town" Chen Nian is a master's student who has been a medical practitioner for many years, but leaves school for the dream of a movie director. The move made the parents angry, and Chen Nian angrily went to town to write a movie. Bit by bit in the town's life made Chen Nian understand his own way.
Sandra Xiao Miao From the "Little Town Story" unit Xiao Miao is a girl in the town management shop, and Chen Nian inadvertently get to know. Since he and his childhood friend Li ShaoGuang relations have always hesitated, they occasionally pull Chen Nian Li ShaoGuang. Finally, with the help of Chen Nian, Xiao Miao and Li ShaoGuang admit their feelings and love affair begins.
Shuai Cao Li ShaoGuang No introduction
Yang Yang He TianZe From "Terracotta Warriors and Lucky Cats" Unit He TianZe, a drug-rich eldest son, quarreled with his father to run away from home and dressed as a Terra Cotta Warriors station in front of the Xian Food Court. Meet with Japanese restaurant Jiang Li and are attracted to her dance. [7]
Xiaoting Guo Ai MiLi From Outside Walls Unit Ai MiLi is a graffiti enthusiast who repairs cars in the garage. Unfortunately, she has leukemia, but she is very optimistic. Because often graffiti a wall, get acquainted with Sun JiaHua, have a happy time.
Bo-Chieh Wang Sun JiaHua From outside the wall "unit Sun JiaHua is an old-fashioned, the pursuit of the perfect civil servants. Encountered Ai MiLi, though troublesome, but it is attracted. Finally gave up the opportunity to raise the salary, switch to become a painter.
Kai-Syuan Tzeng Wang Lu From Wang Lu "uniting" can not be deceived A Yong, because he loves willing to be a liar. They lie to earn a living, living unexamined life, everywhere trouble. Until Wang Lu met a child, asked her to play the role of mother to take care of grandmother. As a result, Wang Lu changed and changed A Yong.
Sean Sun A Yong A Yong is a liar with a lonely personality, a gloomy mood and suffering from autism. It is also a "marginal youth" in the city. At the same time as he was cheating, he encountered Alice Tzeng, arousing a clean emotional collision. [9]
Xikun Sun Tong Tong No introduction
Chengyuan Li Zao Zao The cousin of Xia Tian, ​​a member of the "Wedding Banquet" unit, is a good girl, but she does not listen to her mother to find a wealthy and powerful person. Instead, she braves her true love and marries her favorite person.
Qing Ye Xiao Mei From the "Light of the City" unit Xiao Mei is a fringe girl who steals the theft, but keeps a good yearning for her heart. She plays with Liang Xing and sends a fairy tale book every week.
Yulai Lv Yang Guang From the "City Lights" unit Yang Guang has a fool of himself, but his heart is a just and kind person. Zao Zao's dream of living as an actor lives on the bottom of society. Because of their low qualifications, they can not find a decent job and play a number of odd jobs - Traffic Assistants, product trial staff, extras, wedding ceremonies ... he did not refuse one by one. In order for his brother to get together fifty thousand gifts to marry his wife, he should have given himself a "liar" under the pretext of pretending to be blind. [19]
Yuweng Zhang Liang Xing No introduction
Ge Hu Luo YueRan Luo YueRan from "The Wedding Banquet" Although she broke up with Xia Tian, ​​she still had expectations for her love affair. When Xia Tian asked him to accompany her home to play and participate in the wedding of her cousin, Luo YueRan promised.
Ady An Xia Tian After Xia Tian, ​​a unit of "Wedding Banquet", made a futile effort to break up with Luo YueRan, he regretted this but refused to reveal it. Married by cousin Zao Zao, her mother ordered Luo YueRan to go home to participate in the wedding arrangement. Xia Tian had to ask Luo YueRan to act with him. What happened during the wedding arrangement changed the notion of two mothers and Xia Tian. Finally, Xia Tian hopes to rebuild with Luo YueRan.
Chengyuan Li Xia TianBiaoJie No introduction
Hsiao-fan Yu Xia TianMaMa No introduction
Qinqin Li Xia TianYiMa No introduction
(None) Xia TianBiaoJieFu No introduction
Phillipe Zhang Liang No introduction
Yin Zheng Chen JieQianNvYou No introduction
Week leaves Fu WuYuan No introduction
Liu Changsheng Wang DaYe No introduction
Kin-Yan Lee An Ge No introduction
(None) Zhu Ren No introduction
Pengyu Lei Zhang ZhiCheng No introduction
(None) Zhang ZhiChengNvYou No introduction
Yiqi Yao Fei ChengKe No introduction
(None) Da MaJia No introduction
(None) Da MaYi No introduction
(None) Jiao Jing No introduction
(None) Zao CanDianLaoBan No introduction
(None) Cai Die No introduction
Liu Tingting Yue E No introduction
(None) Zhao LaoShi No introduction
Vanessa Li Bing No introduction
Zhongwei Jiang Pai MaiShi No introduction
(None) Qian TaiNvZhiYuan No introduction
(None) Jing PaiZheJia No introduction
(None) Jing PaiZheYi No introduction
Li Fei Qian Fu No introduction
zhou guan yu Jing ChaJia No introduction
(None) Jing ChaYi No introduction
(None) Yi Sheng No introduction
(None) Hu Shi No introduction
Lu Kai Biao XingDaHan No introduction
Ge Hu Sha Zi No introduction
(None) Tao LaoShi No introduction
(None) Yan LiFuNv No introduction
(None) Qing LvJia No introduction
(None) Qing LvYi No introduction
(None) Nv ShengJia No introduction
(None) Nv ShengYi No introduction
(None) Xiao XiaMi No introduction
(None) Ri LiaoDianLaoBan No introduction

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