Episode: 24 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Tianlin Zhai Zheng Yin Li RuoNing More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Wai Man Yip Year: 2018
Genre: Criminal investigation


"Primal sin" tells the story of a police academy honorary life, after entering the police station repeatedly broke the major case, but because of a heavy moral burden on his family, the two were woven together by an invisible hand, from each other to each other For the hand and foot, and finally life and death & nbsp ;. Produced by Han Sanping, directed by Ye Weimin, Dongyang Yingue together IKeYi Arts, Wanneng Yingye, the shares of the year to jointly create the annual drama "native sin" officially booted in Malaysia, boot the official day is also the first time exposed the cast, Not only Zheng Yin and Tianlin Zhai, the two acting ministers, have made fans look forward to it. The official woman advocate Li Ruoning also received the unanimous endorsement from netizens and praised the fresh and refined temperament that accorded itself to the policeman's character set. It is reported that this "native crime" either from the script polished or casting the above are quite hard-pressed, trying to ensure the quality of the premise to bring the audience a whole new experience. In this exposure of the cast point of view, but also won the high expectations of users, Zheng Yin and Tianlin Zhai's acting can be described as acclaimed, the two starred in the composition has become the drama's quality assurance. In addition to the play's approval of the two masters, netizens discussed a hot topic is the playwright Li Ruoning, as a new flower, Li Ruoning for the general public may still be somewhat strange, but in fact, because of their youth and art Van's temperament, combined with remarkable performances, has been a lot of director phase starred in many dramas, such as "Yan Xi Raiders", "Fire King", "know whether or not", this time by Ye Wei It is very much anticipated that Wen MiaoLing and Wen Zheng, Tianlin Zhai, starring in the popular election, will give everyone a surprise interpretation of the rival show.

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