Sauvignon Blanc(TV)[2018]
Sauvignon Blanc(TV)[2018]

《Sauvignon Blanc》Character Relationships

TV《Sauvignon Blanc》the relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina 《Sauvignon Blanc》 Character Relationships:

《Sauvignon Blanc》Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Little Six / Jiuyao / Xiao Yao

Named Xuanyuan Wangji 妭 and the eight Shi Jun Di Gao Xin Shaohao's daughter, in fact, Xuanyuan 妭 and Chi You. Xiaoya Yao and Tu ShanJing Xiang Xiang and fell in love each other, enamored of Tu ShanJing, knowing Xiang Liu turned the wind defiled. As Xuanyuan the Yellow Emperor and the Central Plains Xiling family grandfather's ancestral daughter, Gao Xin Shaohao's daughter, Yushan Queen's apprentice, young Yao determined to help cousin Zhuan Xu won the grandfather's right of inheritance. On the way to power, they rely on one another and grow with each other's trust.

Tu ShanJing

No introduction

Xuanyuan Zhuan Xu / Xuan

Yellow Emperor Sun Yat-sen, Regulus Black Emperor, bite the bullet finally unified the Great Wilderness. Childhood witnessed his parents died in love, lonely childhood let him have a different kind of feelings on feelings. Told the barracks and Chaotang, but never give up looking for small folk Yao. For the world stability Shenman Xin Yue and Gao Xin Yi marry Queen. Love small Yao, this accounted for the first opportunity, the last but not love. Will represent the beloved love wood flowers give young, forget can not.

Tu Shan Jing / leaves seventeen

Tu Shangshan clan leader. At that time, the magnificent cloak of Qing Qiu's son was stripped of being a beggar and was disgusted by all people. Only when he was ignorant of humanity and fame and fortune was illusory, his pride was smashed by almost all his pride and pride, almost desperate. Was alias 玟 small six young yao rescued, named leaf seventeen. Xiaoyao love humble and enthusiastic, wholeheartedly guarding Xiaoyao. Finally, Jing and Xiaoyao experienced many tribulations, never stop loving each other, and lovers get married, returning home.

Xiang Liu

No introduction

Xiang Liu / wind 邶

Nine demon. Xiang Shen Nong Weijun military strategist Xiang Liu, but also the wind to the north of the concubine of the second son of the wind breeze. He teaches young martyrdom so that she can defend himself. She has become a daughter of the sea and gives her a sea chart for her to let her wander freely in the wide sea. People saved the near death of Tu ShanJing, so she can be someone to follow. For a general, "the best end is to die on the battlefield." He is not responsible for work, unaffected robe, but only to himself.

Zhuan Xu

No introduction

A Hang

No introduction

Xuan YuanZhuanXu

No introduction



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