Sauvignon Blanc(TV)[2018]
Sauvignon Blanc(TV)[2018]

《Sauvignon Blanc》Episodes

Sauvignon tells the story of Chiyou and Xiling Heng's daughter Xiaoyao (Jiuyao) from loss to return to the royal family to help Zhuan Xu to seize power, to love and hate with the true love of hidden forests. In ancient times, the daughter of the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan Wangji put her daughter Gao Xin Jiuyao in the hands of the Queen Mother of Yushan, but she died in the war between the Yellow Emperor and Shennong. Jiuyao and other loved ones to pick up, misunderstood his father's heart, fled Yushan, experienced all kinds of hardships eventually incognito woman disguised as a small doctor. Her intelligent, kind, cute, accidentally rescued Tu ShanJing, who was maimed by her brother, Jing humbled and silently loved Jiuyao. Nine Liu Yao Xiang Liu accidentally discovered that Jiuyao can help heal, repeatedly swept away her, and gradually love the feelings of Jiuyao. Jiuyao cousin Zhuan Xu finally found her, took her back to her father Jun Di around, solved the misunderstanding of the year. Jiuyao took risks to help Zhuan Xu regain the throne of Xuanyuan. In the face of Tu ShanJing and Xiang Liu, who were like a fire, they decided to choose the love of the country and realized the mother's wishes of rejuvenating the state. Liu in order to save Jiuyao died, Jiuyao sad, and Jing return. Sauvignon Blanc is directed by Wu Jinyuan directed ancient mythology TV series, adapted from the same name by Tonghua Shan Jing Hai Ji series of second novel. From Fantasy Star Health Park and Jiaxing Media co-produced, invested 800 million to build.

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