Ultimate Conquest(TV)[2013]
Ultimate Conquest(TV)[2013]

《Ultimate Conquest》Cast

Bai NianSheng Yang Yang Play)

Yang Yang

Yang Yang (simplified Chinese: 杨洋; traditional Chinese: 楊洋, born 9 September 1991) is a Chinese actor. He made his acting debut in the Chinese television drama The Dream of Red Mansions (2010). Since then, he has received recognition for his roles in television dramas The Lost Tomb (2015), The Whirlwind Girl, (2015), Love O2O (2016) and film The Left Ear (2015). He was ranked fifth on the 2017 Forbes China Celebrity 100 list.

Han MeiYu Jiani Zhang Play)

Han MeiYu, who plays Jenny Zhang in the play, is a well-qualified commander in chief and discards her life for the sake of Yang Yang (actor). [9]

Jiani Zhang

Jenny Zhang (simplified Chinese: 张嘉倪; traditional Chinese: 張嘉倪; pinyin: Zhāng Jiā'ní; born 22 June 1987) is a Chinese actress and singer.

Kong WenTao Donghan Li Play)

Kong WenTao, a dramatist anti-profane merchant, staged a complicated emotional stir with Han MeiYu.

Donghan Li

Dongpeng Li, whose real name is Li Peng, was born on December 18, 1980 in Changchun, Jilin Province. He is a film and television actor in the Mainland of China and graduated from the Department of Drama and Film at the Central Academy of Drama. In 2002, starred in the first personal drama "Lonely soul dedicated soulguard", which officially entered the showbiz. In 2003, played in the costume drama "boy and child" Bo Gol. In 2005, starred in costume suspense drama "Teenage Bao Qing Tian Ⅲ days Mang legend." In 2007, in the police suspense drama "top secret escort" played Zuo Yiran. In 2009, he won the nomination of "The Most Promising Actor Award" for the 60th Anniversary of the Film and Television Awards Ceremony. In 2010, starred in the Revolutionary War drama "Mi Zhi fat woman." In 2011, starring in the emotional drama "olive tree." In 2012, played in the costume drama "Lanling King" Yang Shizhen. In 2013, starred in costume court drama "passionate country." In 2014, starring in costume court drama "Shangguan Wan Er" played Junjun. In 2015, actor Liu Jia was played in the love movie Tomb Raider. In 2016, starring in the war drama "Wolf War Wolf." In 2017, Xiao Da Meng was played in the gangster suspense drama "Cyber ​​Scam". In 2017, Xing Yutang was played in the historical drama "Dawa. Dong Chun Nu".

Tang XueRu Yi Song Play)

Yi Song

Yi Song, born on October 31, 1989 in Jingmen, Hubei Province, is an actress from Mainland China and graduated from the performance department of the Central Academy of Drama. In 2009, participating in Li Shaohong version of "Dream of Red Mansions", the official debut. In 2010, starring revolutionary historical drama "Anying." In 2012, starred in love drama "Hawthorn Love." In 2013, with the drama "Our Jing Ke" won the second Academy Awards Award for Best Supporting Actor. In 2014 appeared in the war drama "Heroes Festival." July 2015, appeared in the youth campus movie "gardenia"; in August, due to the spy war suspense drama "camouflage" as a tragic female agent at the corner of Manley attention. In 2016, starring metropolitan love drama "far-reaching love." In 2017, starring in love inspirational drama "Counter-Strike bright star."

More《Ultimate Conquest》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Berg Ng Jia Teng No introduction
Tian Lexi Chuan DaoHuiZi No introduction
Tian Lexi Bai RuoBing No introduction
Baojun Niu Li ShaoFei No introduction
Hui Wang Han SiLing No introduction
Wei Jia Xiao Ye No introduction
Dongsheng Zhang Xiang Shu No introduction
lou jyu men Hei Wa No introduction
(None) Guo PengFei No introduction
Song Yan Zhou Pi Hou No introduction
Donghan Li Kong WenTao No introduction
(None) Hong TianShou No introduction
(None) Dao Ba No introduction
Chu Xiao Chen BoKang No introduction
In child 芡 Xia Bing No introduction
Tony Liu Lin No introduction
Kai Yang Gou Sheng No introduction
Jia Ning Jia Yi Yi TaiTai No introduction
Zhou Qinlin Liu CanMou No introduction
(None) Man Li No introduction
Chang Yu-sheng Ye Cun No introduction

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