Blind Blind(TV)[2012]
Blind Blind(TV)[2012]

《Blind Blind》Ep1:episode 1

Early 1947, the KMT and the Chinese side battle is imminent. In the mountains southwest of Chongqing, a suburb of Chongqing, the agent of the Kuomintang secret society, Gray's Garment Agency, is closely following a Chinese agent. The agent stormedly escaped the cliff and escaped from the enemy's enclave. He tried his best to return to the site of the joint, Before he died, he told a surprising news to underground party organizations in Chongqing: "Kitties" comrades were locked in the White Mountain Hall! Originally, our party has long been intelligence, Kuomintang "Gray Council" is in full swing to develop a Weapons of mass destruction. At a critical time, our party sent Liu MingYi, a poison gas expert codenamed "Kitten," who just returned from studying in the Soviet Union. He came to Chongqing to help the underground party in Chongqing and destroy the enemy's conspiracy. However, Liu MingYi just arrived in Chongqing and was on the eve of a major clean-up of the underground party by the enemy at the pier on Chaotianmen. Liu MingYi was also arrested as a suspect of the Communist Party and was sent by the enemy to the secret prison "White Mountain Hall." Baishan Hall is located on the outskirts of Chongqing, a dangerous peak above the cliff on three sides, is the real "one husband when Kwan Fu Mo opened." The situation in the White Mountain Museum, we almost know nothing about. An additional gas poisoning expert is already impossible. The war situation is triggered at a glance. Once the enemy puts the newly developed weapon on the battlefield, the consequences will be disastrous. The only way is to save the "kitten" from Baishan Hall at any cost! "Wang LaoBan", chief of the underground party in Chongqing, decided to rescue armed forces but the action once again fell into the mysterious organization " Trapped in the trap of armed rescue completely failed! At this point the only able to help Wang LaoBan, only lurking in the heart of the enemy for ten years, is also my party's only independent agent stationed in Chongqing, the identity of the protection of Chongqing Munitions Branch Deputy director of the school, code-named "Green Blind" - Zhang HaiFeng! That night, Zhang HaiFeng received orders from superiors that he at all costs, as soon as possible, "Kittens" comrades rescued from the White Mountain Museum! Zhang HaiFeng appointed, He used the chancery of the Chongqing Special Investigation Office of the Kuomintang to celebrate the ball and sneaked into the file office of the special office to find a torn map of Baishan Hall. According to the memory of an incomplete map of Baishan Hall in the early years, a wax pellet prepared in advance was swallowed up and exposed himself to enter into the secret prison, Baishan Hall, where only dead people can leave!

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