Fairy tale half(TV)[2012]
Fairy tale half(TV)[2012]

《Fairy tale half》Cast

Zhao TingYu


No introduction

Zhao Tingyu / Zhao Tingyao Chun-Ning Chang Play)

Zhao TingXuan: The rich princess, the third generation of the Wengguang Group, is a gentle, considerate man with serious skin problems. She can not go out to meet people during the day and finally dies. Zhao TingYu: The twins sister to the court, was aunt led by a child, living in the farm selling sponge cake. Her lively personality, pure and kind, authentic "food" one.

Chun-Ning Chang

Janine Chang Chun-ning (Chinese: 张钧甯, born 4 September 1982) is a Taiwanese actress. Chang attended National Taipei University and obtained a bachelor's degree in law. In June 2010, Chang graduated from the Institute of Industrial Economics at National Central University with a master's degree.

Du YuFeng August Play)

Court fiance's fiance, and finally had feelings for sister rain, because of the appearance of cold and poor and called "robot" "poker face." Wandering between twin sisters, and his father's relationship so that he fell into the abyss, affection, love, how he would choose.


August (August), born August 2, 1998 in Zhejiang Province, male singer and actor in Mainland China. In April 2012, August participated in the variety show "Up! "Juvenile" entered the national top 200 and entered the entertainment circle; in August, he participated in the personal first drama "Fairy tale half". In March 2014, she participated in the personal first film "Perfect Wife 168." In July 2015, August participated in the reality show "Star Action Asia" and successfully entered the top 15 in the country. In October 2016, August officially debuted with a 10-man men's team SWIN.

Jing Qi Meihan Liu Play)

Beijing home Miss, abstract, weird 90, insist on the beauty of the little girl. Frizz the surface, delicate heart, she always has a lot of bizarre ideas, often make an amazing move, is a courtesy of good friends, she is the first to detect the courtroom abnormalities.

Meihan Liu

Mikan Ryu (Mikan Ryu), born April 9, 1991 in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China Mainland film actress, pop singer. In 2005, Mikan Ryu, 14, made the debut as a female student diary. In 2009, Mikan Ryu joined the Hunan Satellite TV Happy Girl Competition in the National Top 15, and subsequently joined i Me, a multinational Chinese women's organization from Korea, Thailand and Thailand, and officially entered the music scene. In 2010, Mikan Ryu with i Me release group EP "Ouyi Ya"; and in the same year won the South Korea MAMA Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Newcomer Award. In 2011, Mikan Ryu starred in the love story "fairy tale half". In 2012, Mikan Ryu soloed after the dissolution of the i Me group and shifted her focus to film and television. In 2014, Mikan Ryu starred in a metropolitan drama "Do not Believe Tears in the North." In 2015, starring in love suspense network drama "idiot fell in love with you"; the same year, starring urban youth idol drama "fifteen years waiting for migratory birds"; 2017, starring campus youth drama "unrequited love".

More《Fairy tale half》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Jiong He Xiao HuZi A mature business man elite. The role of the appearance of a very deep and cold, deep introverted, a handful of strong features of the Xiao HuZi deepen the character of highly respected, the role is the "fairy tale" one of the key clues to the development of the story.
Shuang Zheng An QiEr No introduction
Chun-Ning Chang Zhao TingXuan No introduction
Zixiao Zhu Jing Wei Jing master, cynical rich second generation, on the surface is a skittles, leisurely rebellious youth, but because of love has become extremely serious. Love at first sight court and decided to change themselves at the expense of their own father.
(None) Zhao HuaiGuang No introduction
Dasheng Shi Jing QingYu No introduction
Sally Chan Tang BaoQin No introduction
Chen-Kang Tang Yang ZeXin No introduction
Zhitong Zhang Lao Lao No introduction
(None) Li HuiLan No introduction
(None) Du BingChun No introduction
Baobao Gao Sun FuMei No introduction
Brilliant Jiang Yun No introduction
Wang Pengxiang Wang JinBao No introduction
Yuan Yuliang Hao MinXiang No introduction
Li Yudong Chen Guang No introduction
Dragon Hao XiangMing No introduction
(None) Xing Cha No introduction
Chi Yuanyuan Ju Wa No introduction
(None) Sun Zhe No introduction
Jin Xiang Xiao Yu No introduction
(None) Feng Xia No introduction
Jiong He Su Zong No introduction
Han Zhang Fan Jun No introduction
Shera Li Xin Tian No introduction
Stephy Qi Xiao Xiao No introduction
Feifei Sun Ai Ya No introduction
Jue Huang Li Rui No introduction
Mao Li Li TianZe No introduction
Yoo Joo-hee Xiao Juan No introduction
Hu Gao Cao ZhanYang No introduction
xinbo Fu Li CiYang No introduction
Yuan Zhang Xu Kan No introduction
(None) Yuan Zhang No introduction

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