Xuanyuanjian day marks(TV)[2012]
Xuanyuanjian day marks(TV)[2012]
Xuanyuanjian day marks(TV)[2012]

Xuanyuanjian day marks(TV)[2012]

Episode: 36 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Ge Hu Jinfu Jiang Shishi Liu More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Kwok-Laap Lee Shengquan Liang Chun-Man Wong Year: 2012
Writer: Sap Sam Chan Lik-Kei Tang Raymond Wong Ho-Yin Liang Li Yan Genre: Costume | Xian xia | Love
Producer: Karen Tsai

《Xuanyuanjian day marks》Episodes

"The Day of the Xuanyuanjian" Chen JingChou is Chen's last prince, carrying the life of the republic, he has not done a decent job for eighteen years. Chen Fu, who has been painstakingly educating him in Chen Ching, who has been mourning for the enemy, heard that the quickest way to recover from the success of the nation was to assemble the five artifacts of the ancient past. Chen JingChou, at the urging of Chen Fu, began to search for artifacts. However, at the beginning of the road to recovery, he encountered the most powerful opponent, Yu WenTa, a descendant of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, and a prince who was also a national enemy, hating each other, both of whom had the mission of republication and whose means and character were completely absent different. In the relationship between their friends and their enemies, they also encountered three special girls like Erh, Xiao Xue and Ning Ke, which involved complicated feelings. In the end, the conviction of safeguarding world peace defeated the desires. Chen JingChou and Yu WenTa sacrificed their little love to make their own love. They jointly sealed the marks of Heaven and saved the land of China.

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