My wife is a queen.(TV)[2015]
My wife is a queen.(TV)[2015]

《My wife is a queen.》Episodes

《My wife is a queen.》Ep1:episode 1

Reporter Li KaiXin dressed as a waiter to Lijiang Mountain restaurant undercover unannounced visits, and the use of cooking oil restaurant records down. Li KaiXin Lijiang Mountain restaurant side plate, accidentally hit someone else, but this person happens to be Lijiang An QiEr chairman. So Li KaiXin and An QiEr began the struggle between women, because they both love the same person Tang Shuai. Li KaiXin reported Lijiang Mountain restaurant waste oil thing, which know Lijiang Mountain Restaurant is Tang Shuai's mother opened. It turns out that An QiEr is Tang Shuai's mom, and Tang Shuai is a love affair with Li KaiXin after leaving home. Li KaiXin, who was three years older than Tang Shuai, had been worried about Tang Shuai's family disagreeing with her. However, she now tweeted Tang Shuai's mom An QiEr to the cusp of Tang Shuai, blaming Tang Shuai for not telling her that Qi Qi was his mom. In the evening, Li Tao's wife and Li Tao talked about having children, and Li Tao quarreled with his wife about having children. Li Tao and his wife met Li KaiXin back downstairs, Tang Shuai did not work overtime happy back. Tang Shuai came to Lijiang Mountain and found that all the money in Lijiang's account was moved out of her land by her mother's boyfriend Liu YongZhi. Tang Shuai is not interested in the restaurant industry, but also because Lijiang Hill is stepfather left to her mother, so do not want to take over Lijiang. An QiEr was taken away by the police and Liu YongZhi disappeared. An QiEr learned from Shi LvShi that he was in a serious situation and is now suspected of economic fraud. Li KaiXin In order to save the tragedy from begging for money, colleagues learned that waste oil was a supplier's problem. Tang Shuai paid his staff wages for marriage, and Li KaiXin fully supported them. Li KaiXin and Tang Shuai around looking for Liu YongZhi, finally found, Liu YongZhi gamble has lost all the money, Tang Shuai accidentally let Liu YongZhi ran. Tang Shuai in order to pay back the mother to come out early, intends to sell everything that Lijiang Mountain can sell, the house of An QiEr also sold. Li KaiXin feel sorry for his special Tang Shuai. Li KaiXin to see Tao Dad, told the Tao what happened recently, Dad comfort, happy, as long as worthy of heart like, happy cry. Li KaiXin went to Lijiang to look for Tang Shuai, but was scolded by Li Shu. Tang Shuai went to the Public Security Bureau to pick up An QiEr, cheat the house in the decoration, not let her go back.

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