Counterfeit hero(TV)[2014]
Counterfeit hero(TV)[2014]

《Counterfeit hero》Ep1:episode 1

The Japanese military decided to allow Murakami, who had been sentenced to death because of a gunman's wrong decision, to commit the crime, sneaked into the tiger's wallet and shelled from the manufacture of a super-bomb. In the meantime, Liu Bazi, an aristocrat of the troupe of the Eighth Route Army, was killed in an accidental battle and was assigned to Huzhai instead of Hao Daqi to carry out the mission of using the channel. Because of the infighting on the election of the new village chief, Huzhai temporarily subsided due to the funeral of the son of Haozhai (posing as Liu Bangzi). Liu BangZi Into the Tiger Walks straight to his father Hao Qinghu Ling bit, a breath of sorrow and grief to heaven and earth, moving people. But Ba Zhaizhen daughter Ba ShanFeng know flaws.

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