Chance of winning(TV)[2015]
Chance of winning(TV)[2015]

《Chance of winning》Character Relationships

TV《Chance of winning》the relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina 《Chance of winning》 Character Relationships:

《Chance of winning》Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Tang Fei

Linhe police department chief of criminal division, a quite happy, even a little ruffian stuttering police, whose real identity is an underground party.

Cai Meng

Linhe Security Bureau chief. Her charming charming, won the Japanese boss Fu Yuan appreciation, and Tang Fei exists between the enemy, also ambiguous delicate relationship.

Fu Yuan

Japanese aliens, who grew up in China, were summoned to the Japanese forces at the age of 15 to serve as director of the Linhe Security Bureau. He is suspicious of heart and soul. He is interested in using Tang Fei in his attempt to exploit it. He has also repeatedly tried to stalk his gun and is a very purely stubborn Fascist.

Fang ShiBao

Linhe police department director. He is in a special position, has been informed of the fate of the year, easy-going, without losing the body, erotic money does not delay two, often jokingly "has been sold to the Japanese."

Liu FanYi

No introduction

Qin DeLong

No introduction

Wu Peng

No introduction

He Sheng

No introduction

Wei KeDuo

No introduction

Sun XiYuan

No introduction

Cheng GuoXun

No introduction



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