Chance of winning(TV)[2015]
Chance of winning(TV)[2015]

《Chance of winning》Episodes

《Chance of winning》Ep1:Kong Fang show count magic hole won the Japanese secret service

1942 Anti-Japanese War in full swing. Kong Fang, a professor of mathematics at Chongqing Central University, is a young and well-to-do, knowledgeable, math genius. Early in the morning he heard an unassailable passage from the radio station, which reportedly claimed the Eighth Route Army to use its latest weapons to surrender to the enemy bravely. Although it eventually defeated Cisshui in its fall, it wiped out hundreds of enemy troops. This seemingly bland news gave several holes in the well-calculated and analyzed holes: First, his hometown, Ci Shui County, fell, but he decided that his father, Kong Liang, and his sister, Rong Rong, would be fine because his father Business for many years, the businessman's savvy allows him to properly handle relations with the Japanese army; secondly, the use of new weapons must be located not far from the arsenal to develop new weapons, exposing the Eighth Route Army arsenal near Cixi County; third as an Eighth Route Army Kong Yuan, a brother of his brother, is very likely to be in this hidden arsenal because Kong Yuan did not give him a letter for more than a hundred days, indicating that he is engaged in a secret work that may be related to the arsenal. Confucius fiancée psychology teacher Hai Fang Yin Kong Fang heard this analysis can not help but stare, she felt that these analyzes suspended and hung. However, Kong Fang said with concern at this time that his analysis of this kind must not be overdone by the Japanese military experts. Sure enough, as Confucius claimed, the Japanese senior commander, who had given Kong Fang a lesson in Japan, also keenly analyzed the existence of an arsenal and the approximate location of the arsenal. Has always been interested in and proficient in the cross-country Chinese culture will soon soon reach the tentacles Cixi County Arsenal. At this time Ci Shui County was a mess, many people fleeing asylum, Kong Fang's father's food bank also closed. The Japanese army still found a hiding hole grain abundance and hole melt, the Japanese second lieutenant caught the hole to force the hole grain abundance to hand over the grain. Hole grain Feng distressed daughter had promised to raise grain. The Japanese second lieutenant ignored the plea of ​​Kong Liangfeng, preparing to take away Kongrong and dragged his aide to Fukuyama. The horizontal tail is to see the words on the plaque gate door to find over food, he modestly praised Kong Rong Rong grain and calligraphy, and then ordered the Japanese second ensign to release Kong Rong. Kong grain abundance on the horizontal tail is very puzzled, but the horizontal tail has its own principles of dealing with natives. As usual, Kong Fang gave the students a math class. Who knows the students were inspired by the news in the morning? They all hoped to go forward to the country and do not want to sit in the classroom. Confucius stopped teaching gas calmly watching the mess in the classroom students. Daring students stand up and tell Kong Fang that they want the industry to save the country or go to the forefront because of the national crisis. It is useless to learn math. Kong Fang tells them that everything is related to mathematics, and learning mathematics can analyze any information you want to know. The students did not believe it at all. Kong Fang claimed that he had calculated how many minutes he would attack the air raid and when the Japanese aircraft would reach the sky. Although the raid alert soon confirmed the calculation of Confucius, but there are still students do not believe.A boy provocatively let Kong Fang calculate his night dating action, he wrote the relevant data for the past two months, Kong Fang, using the method of calculating the final figure students want to date a girl at night, and the ultimate goal of dating girls Is the bed. Male students are embarrassed to cover up, a girl suddenly stood up courageously confirmed that he is a boy dating object, their purpose is to bed at night dating. Because the boys are going to the front, he is going to dedicate himself to the country and he wants to give it to him before he goes. Kong Fang's calculations confirm that students are all sighs. At this time, the Japanese aircraft flew over the area and was calculating exactly the time with Kong Fang. All students are shocked. As calculated and calculated by Kong Fang, the Eighth Route Army Spy company company commander Yuan Yuanzheng is carrying the security work of the Hutoushan Arsenal with the company of all-encompassing soldiers. All fighters have been dressed as ordinary peasants in the Hutoushan reconnaissance, they are slackening of this reconnaissance work. On this day, Kong Yuan accidentally met two peasant farmers wearing bamboo hats while pretending to gather firewood. He was alarmed to find that both were in doubt. Kong Yuan quickly convened reconnaissance Lian soldiers captured the peasants wearing a hat, one of them two are taking pictures, one is drawing a topographic map. The original they are responsible for the investigation of the Hutoushan terrain Japanese sounder, photographed the Japanese ready to escape was killed by sniper Lu Da. Another Japanese confessor, Taro Ishida, a military artillery soldier, said that there are two other survey soldiers who will arrive at ten o'clock at night. Kong Yuan returned to the Arsenal to report the situation to the leadership, arsenal factory director heard rushed to the news. Tan director hopes Kong Yuan to report the situation to their superiors, Kong Yuan has decided not to report temporarily, and so caught the other two mapping reinsion decision. Kong Yuan with a correspondent Yan Xuewu to Ishida delivery, Confucius on Taro Ishida's good attitude to Yan Xuewu is very puzzled. Kong Yuan had to explain to him that only Shintaro Ishihara had eaten to ensure that the information he provided was correct, or that they would not be able to avenge his retaliation if they were deceived. Yan Xuewu just understand the purpose of Confucius, the heart can not help but admire the five bodies to vote. At night, when the joint operation of the Japanese Surveying and Mapping Group was about to start, the political commissar arranged a large number of warriors and Yan Xuewu to act together.

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