Chance of winning(TV)[2015]
Chance of winning(TV)[2015]

《Chance of winning》Cast

Tang Fei Yunlong Liu Play)

Linhe police department chief of criminal division, a quite happy, even a little ruffian stuttering police, whose real identity is an underground party.

Yunlong Liu

Yunlong Liu, Male Mainland Director, Actor, Producer. April 7, 1968 Born in Jinan, Shandong Province, graduated in 1993 from Beijing Film Academy Performance Department. In 1990, Yunlong Liu debuted in the movie "Youth Without Regret," playing male No. 2 Hu Songli. In 1994, launched the album "Always want to keep loved ones." In 2005, by virtue of the spy war drama "plot" won the fifteenth Beijing Chunyan film "best actor award", and 2006 network festival "actor of the year"; in 2008, with spy drama "bloody mist "Won the 2008 Southern Festival Awards" Best Actor "award. Then starred again spy war drama "meritorious service", "informer", "kite", known as "spy war godfather." In 2003, the Beijing Oriental Union Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. was established as chairman. By 2013, he has won the "New Director Prize" of Tencent Starlight Gala by self-proclaimed self-cinematographic films "Dark Divination", "Bloody Mist", "Legendary King", "Kite" and "Dongfeng Rain".

Cai Meng Han Chae-young Play)

Linhe Security Bureau chief. Her charming charming, won the Japanese boss Fu Yuan appreciation, and Tang Fei exists between the enemy, also ambiguous delicate relationship.

Han Chae-young

Han Chae-young (born Kim Ji-young on September 13, 1980), is a South Korean actress. She is known for her notable roles in several Korean dramas such as Autumn in My Heart, Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang, Only You, Fireworks, Boys Over Flowers, A Man Called God and Pretty Man.

Fu Yuan Guanhua Liang Play)

Japanese aliens, who grew up in China, were summoned to the Japanese forces at the age of 15 to serve as director of the Linhe Security Bureau. He is suspicious of heart and soul. He is interested in using Tang Fei in his attempt to exploit it. He has also repeatedly tried to stalk his gun and is a very purely stubborn Fascist.

Guanhua Liang

Guan Hua Liang, born September 30, 1964 in Tianjin, a national first-level actor, member of Chinese Dramatists Association, member of Beijing Dramatists Association, member of Chinese Drama Art Research Association, member of China Television Artists Association, member of Beijing Youth Federation, Beijing CPPCC members. In 1984 graduated from Beijing People's Art Theatre. In 1981, he was admitted to the Beijing People's Art Theatre actor training class. In 1984, he graduated and stayed as an actor at the Beijing People's Art Theatre. With the TV series "Whatever Zhang Damin's happy life", she won the 10th Spring Yanyan TV Drama Excellent Leading Actor Award in 2000 and the 21st China TV Drone Flying Award Outstanding Actor Award in 2002 and was well-known to the audience. From 2003 to 2010, Ren Jie, the prime minister in the series of Detective Di RenJie, was once again known to the audience and was also known as Zijian Zhang and director Yanqiu Qian who played with Li Yuanfang. Triangle combination.

Fang ShiBao Lichun Lee Play)

Linhe police department director. He is in a special position, has been informed of the fate of the year, easy-going, without losing the body, erotic money does not delay two, often jokingly "has been sold to the Japanese."

Lichun Lee

Li-Chun Lee was born on May 2, 1952 in Hsinchu County, Taiwan. His ancestral home was in Mengzhou, Henan Province, China Taiwan's stage play, crosstalk and television actress. In 1981, Li-Chun Lee won the Golden Bell Award for Best TV Actor by virtue of his drama, "I Rejoice!" In 1984, he cooperated with Lai Sheng Chuan to set up a performance workshop. Since 1985, he has starred in the works "That night, we say crosstalk", "This night, who speaks in comic", "Love Peach Blossoms" and single comic dialogue "Taiwan strange Tan" and other works. In 1995, Li-Chun Lee left the performance workshop and moved to mainland China. In the same year, she won the Best Actor for the International Film Festival in Quebec, Canada, with the movie "Abby's Lover." In 1998 starring TV series "field professor Tian twenty-eight nanny." In 2000 in the myth of comedy costumes "Spring Pig Puppet" plays the East China Sea Dragon King. In 2008, starring in the historical drama "Daqin Empire", the same year as China's first 3D martial arts anime drama "Qin moon" art director. In 2012 to participate in the spy drama "trigger". In 2013, the starring TV series "Wenzhou One Family" won the CCTV 2012 Top Ten Chinese TV Operators, the Huading Award for National Favorite Movie Star and the 2nd Asian Rainbow Award for Best Actor. In 2014 starred Zhao Benshan directed the TV series "veterans."

More《Chance of winning》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Qian Bo Liu FanYi No introduction
Han Lei Qin DeLong No introduction
Kung Chang Wu Peng No introduction
Yang Liu He Sheng No introduction
(None) Wei KeDuo No introduction
Hang Qi Sun XiYuan No introduction
Kenan Cao Cheng GuoXun No introduction

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