Dog fight stick(TV)[2013]
Dog fight stick(TV)[2013]

《Dog fight stick》Ep1:episode 1

In the early years of the Republic of China, Dai Tianli, who had not returned home for more than a decade, brought her daughter back to Jehol. Before he got home, Dai Tianli, who had just cut his braids at the market, heard the news on the street. The team sent the relics to let the big knife cut off. Long Ying Zhang was taken to kill. Dai TianLi a, quickly asked is Dai HanTing? Long YingZhang took Dai HanTing to take the soldiers to the main entrance to be shot, Dai TianLi stopped the prisoners and Long YingZhang request to put their own daddy, killed two foreign devils in their Qing Dynasty became wanted Guilty Onlookers are all aware of the past folks Dai TianLi that Dai TianLi is a hero, all for the love of Dai TianLi. Dai TianLi also said to Long YingZhang that his father wanted his son to think twice. However, Long YingZhang mercilessly pointed out that Dai HanTing is a feudal restoration. Dai TianLi Tiezhengzheng tough guy how to witness their own dear father was taken to death, took the hands of the dog stick split the prison van, with his own body guarding Dai HanTing. Are trouble downtown, hot river are all Xiong XiLing came. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Xiong XiLing in front of all the people put Dai and his son, and did not blame, just let Dai TianLi go back and optimistic about his father. Knowing that Dai TianLi is back, Na MaZi and Na TuLu are worried about how Master Shitai died when Dai TianLi came back. Na TuLu and Dai TianLi were brothers. Na SuZhi knew Dai TianLi came back happier, 13 years ago had a marriage contract, although there are 3 days Na SuZhi will marry the horse, but know Dai TianLi go home, Na SuZhi said everything Married to Dai TianLi. But Na MaZi said no. Dai TianLi home, Dai HanTing let his son marry a wife to give birth to a big grandson. Dai TianLi said that father does not make it, opposite the house ah. Dai HanTing's face is not very good to tell Dai TianLi He went home for two years did not idle, Na SuZhi around to get married, but no one wants, no one wants us to wear can not. Na SuZhi's voice came from outside the house. Na SuZhi happily came, to pull Dai TianLi go to their own home to Na MaZi kowtow, the day after tomorrow took the chair to pick up their own door. But at this moment, the daughter of Dai TianLi behind the house suddenly shouted a father immediately called her heart. Na SuZhi This did not only know Dai TianLi not only married, but also the girl, Dai Tianli own bitter 13 years, but he Dai TianLi is already the case. Na SuZhi picks up the long knife in the yard and splits Dai TianLi saying nothing to listen to Dai Tianli's explanation. & nbsp; & nbsp;Soon after Na MaZi came over with her family, she took Na SuZhi and accused Dai of bullying her own daughter, threatening the house and Dai's irreconcilable future. When she got home, Na MaZi closed his daughter, Na SuZhi, and the new uncle was afraid that she would go back to her door. New Uncle nicknamed two girls, but also really less masculine. Dai TianLi advised father to cut his braids at home, but Dai HanTing did not die either, and the gas did not even eat rice. Dai TianLi said he did not listen, but also let the father pull back to continue drinking. & nbsp; & nbsp; Dai TianLi tube father to point money to see the master. Dai TianLi drank Dai HanTing, took money for Huang Shu to do two great gifts. He took the scissors to cut his father's braids. Take the scissors in his hand, want to start and hesitate, Dai TianLi did not dare to start, and finally let his daughter cut the father's pigtail. Dai TianLi prepared one of two ceremonies is that home, went into that house to encounter two girl left, Na TuLu standing in front of the door to prevent brother Dai TianLi door, the original two brothers and sisters turned upside down Face Dai TianLi came out to see the master from that house, followed by a group of Hanako secretly followed, to the master home, we know the master actually died. Na MaZi and Na TuLu Worried about Dai Tianli's visit to his master's house, Na MaZi and Na TuLu said maybe both of us had to get out of our heads this time. Dai HanTing wake up and found his braid actually cut, then Dai TianLi just come back, Dai HanTing Thunder furious, took a big knife to split the Dai TianLi, can Dai TianLi in the yard crying , Simply ignore Dai HanTing to split himself. At this moment, Dai TianLi's daughter came out from the house and told her grandpa that she was cutting her own hair and was afraid she would cut out after grandpa went out. Dai HanTing laughed and picked up sensible girl. At this time, Dai TianLi bitter at home from the master. Dai TianLi painfully told Dai HanTing why he was crying: his master died. At this time Dai HanTing only know that Dai TianLi's master is actually the famous Guo braids.

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