Anti-Japanese hero Qi JiGuang(TV)[2015]
Anti-Japanese hero Qi JiGuang(TV)[2015]

《Anti-Japanese hero Qi JiGuang》Character Relationships

TV《Anti-Japanese hero Qi JiGuang》the relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina 《Anti-Japanese hero Qi JiGuang》 Character Relationships:

《Anti-Japanese hero Qi JiGuang》Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Qi JiGuang

Qi JiGuang was born in the gate house, rebel unruly as a boyhood, often troubled, lucky father and mentor to follow the example of temptation and become civil and military all-enviedment, went to Beijing test martial arts, make future virtues Zhang JuZheng, in political disputes, co-raise the country Marine strategy. He carried Yu DaYou and think-tank Xu Wenchang in the reign of terror to write down the art of war, innovate new weapons, break the traditional anti-Japanese war tactics, forge Qi family army and won the first national war to wipe out pirates.

Hu ZongXian

Zhezhi governors Hu ZongXian, Qi JiGuang in Zhejiang anti-Japanese boss, was later jailed. Hu ZongXian is good at employing and discovering the military genius of Qi JiGuang. He firmly put the anti-Japanese national service as the highest ideal, but in order to realize this ideal, he did not hesitate to join the ranks of Yan Song and his son, and was subjected to the misunderstanding of almost everyone. [12]

Yu DaYou

Anti-Japanese hero, and Qi JiGuang said "Yu Long Qi Hu." Popular character, Yu DaYou suggested using a large amount of military spending to build navy, take the initiative to attack Japanese pirates, but was opposed by Qi JiGuang. After Qi JiGuang put forward the drawbacks of running the army, Yu DaYou took a great look at it.

Wang YuZhu

Huang County Shuicheng Wang Dang, was Qi JiGuang bent on the country's determination to resist Japanese invasion, to help them train troops to resist Japanese pirates. Before Qi JiGuang made a fortune, Wang YuZhu, as his wife, witnessed the journey with Qi JiGuang. [11]

Shen DaiYun

No introduction

Tang XianZhi

Shen DaiYun's parents, ordinary merchants in Zhejiang Province, set footprints with them. After Shen was brutally Japanese pirate killed, life Ding dynasty looking for Miss Shen. After Shen Xiangyang found Shen DaiYun, Shen DaiYun decided to marry Tang XianZhi following her parents' wishes.

Qi JingTong

Qi JiGuang's father. Ming anti-Japanese star, an outstanding military strategist Qi JiGuang's father, a martial arts high-level, strict military governor of the generals.

Xu Wei

Xu Wei and Qi JiGuang, who met at a tea house accidentally, defended them due to disagreeing with Qi JiGuang's speech, and later they encountered gangs of high-profile prisoners who were denounced as anti-theft dramas. They do not know each other, and Xu Wenchang knows Qi JiGuang is a very thought-provoking young warrior. Afterwards, Qi JiGuang was recommended to Hu ZongXian. Xu often chats for Qi JiGuang, encourages him when Qi JiGuang becomes frustrated and backs him in frontline operations, laying a solid foundation for Qi JiGuang's success. [13]

Yan ShiFan

The son of Yan Song, the son of the first son of Yan Song, though a father with a high degree of power, has his own skills at the same time. He is clever and cunning. He is familiar with the system of laws and regulations, understands the economy, and is energetic. Dramatic. Especially good at trying to figure out the likes and dislikes of the emperor, can be said to be somewhat stunt. He looks extremely accurate, whether it is crafty or innocent, can not escape his eyes. [14]

Da NeiQingYing

Da NeiQingYing is Japan's elite warrior class, hardcore and tough character, martial arts, good knife, in order to rejuvenate the family's honor, came to Da Ming a long way, want to obtain the meritorious service for the family by the glory. [15]

Yan Song

No introduction

Jia JingHuangDi

No introduction

Yang Wen

No introduction

Hu ShouRen

No introduction

Tan Lun

No introduction

Wang Zhi

No introduction

Zhang GuKanZhu

No introduction

Zhao DaHe

No introduction

Chou Hu

No introduction

Yi HeTong

No introduction

Wang CuiQiao

Frustrated life, marry pirates wife, wandering the sea, a full sense of justice, to persuade her husband to go to the court, common anti-Japanese, her husband died battlefield, he went to pursue her husband. [16]

Zhang JuZheng

No introduction

Jiang Zhou

No introduction

Feng Bao

No introduction

Ci Lang

No introduction

Lin XueNaiZi

Life twists and turns, kung fu Maria. With a special mission, she entered the Qijia army, but with General Yang Wen scrubs the spark of love, which has changed her fate and even the fate of the entire nation. [17]

Gang ChuanXin

No introduction

Wang Ao

No introduction

Shi Chang

No introduction



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