Dark Flower(TV)[2013]
Dark Flower(TV)[2013]

《Dark Flower》Ep1:episode 1

Zhuang JingHe, director of the Chinese border police department, was bizarre and his daughter Zhuang XiaoDie was accused of killing her father and injuring her. Three days ago, Zhuang JingHe headed to the pier to meet Zhuang XiaoDie, a daughter who returned from studying in the UK. He met Song BoNian, the customs supervisor, to pick up Song PeiWen, son of her return after studying abroad. Xiaodie suddenly told his father that he had married Pei Wen, which was strongly opposed by Zhuang JingHe, Xiaotian ran away. Jiang YuCheng was ordered to investigate the case of drug trafficking together, but Xiaodie was unfortunately taken hostage by drug traffickers. At this crucial time, vendor Ling YunFei helped the drug traffickers to be shot dead by mysterious people.

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