Two girl bandit king(TV)[2012]
Two girl bandit king(TV)[2012]
Two girl bandit king(TV)[2012]

Two girl bandit king(TV)[2012]

Episode: 33 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Tao Liu Lanya Shi Chao Liang More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Chen Linhai Year: 2012
Writer: Feng Yu Genre: Legend | Drama | Anti-japanese
Producer: Longmei

《Two girl bandit king》Episodes

The "September 18 Incident" was a prelude to Japan's invasion of China. While manufacturing its own "autonomous" provinces in north China and Inner Mongolia, it carried out its dream economic plunder in North China and the whole country. Kui Ying, a poor family-origin girl, and Fang Gang, the son of the mine owner, linger under the gold mine. At this time, the Japanese invaders are planning "a plan to abduct Kui Ying and lead a snake out of the cave." In order to achieve a complete occupation of Fang Fang gold mine strategy. Fang Gang, who loved Kui Ying, was furious and wanted to save Kui Ying. Kui Ying shot a Japanese gun and killed her. When she was on her deathbed, she defected to Jiulongshan. Suo MingXianGu learned that Kui Ying was the victim of a Japanese prostitute and was very respected for taking her immediately. During the war of resistance against Japan, Kui Ying had gained prestige in the mountains due to his extraordinary wisdom. Under the guidance of Fang Gang, a communist who loves her, the banditry was transformed into a strong anti-Japanese militia. In the end, it completely smashed the plot of the Japanese army to plunder gold mines. Kui Ying finally realized that only the Communist Party is the hope for the future of China. She resolutely led his men to participate in the Eighth Route Army and joined the vigorous nationwide war against Japan & nbsp ;.

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