Tang brick(TV)[2018]
Tang brick(TV)[2018]

《Tang brick》Ep17:dilemma

Li ChengQian to Yun Ye Make a request: marry with a paper of Yun Ye Xin Yue So Xin Yue can be saved from death. Yun Ye was so surprised that Li ChengQian had proposed such an approach. He resolutely refused. But Li ChengQian said in his heart, only if he trusts Xin Yue to Yun Ye can he feel at ease. Li ChengQian took a solemn knee with tears to Yun Ye.

Yun Ye is puzzled. To say that the lu family suffered such a disaster, he must take some responsibility, but if he agrees Li ChengQian, that is Li AnLan And what? Yun Ye goes to Dali temple to visit Xin Yue. Xin Yue doesn't blame Yun Ye, but she blames herself for Xin Yue's emaciation and despair. Yun Ye passed by lu shou's cell. Lu shou recognized Yun Ye as the empress disciple who spoke the three words of scripture. He clung to the cage and knelt to beg Yun Ye to save Xin Yue. Lu shou was in tears and could not kneel long. He said that Yun Ye could take his head now, and he would write a confession to tell the world, saying that lu shou would hit the wall with his head.

Yun Ye couldn't see any more and agreed with lu shou. Li didn't think of Yun Ye's marriage letter. It was Lou Xin Yue who wanted to marry him. After repeated questioning, I got a positive answer from Yun Ye after being shocked. Li was furious on the spot and ordered Yun Ye to marry Xin Yue once and for all. Yun Ye gritted his teeth and agreed.

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