Snowy forest(TV)[2017]
Snowy forest(TV)[2017]
Snowy forest(TV)[2017]

Snowy forest(TV)[2017]

Episode: 64 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Guangjie Li Ray suki More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Jin Shu Hui Year: 2017
Writer: Jin Shu Hui Genre: Legend of the ages
Producer: Jin Shu Li

《Snowy forest》Episodes

In the winter of 1946, the Kuomintang set up a "Central Pre-war Cell" composed of puppet officials, landowners, bullies and bandits in the northeast region. These gangs of Uzbekistan continued to carry out military harassment of our army. Among them, bandits Xu DaMaBang (Weidong Qin), Zuo ShanDiao (Ni Dahong) and Ma XiShan (YongDai Ding) and others gathered in the mountains and forests, Long-term assassination and destruction, the means cruel. For a time, banditry in the northeast region caused great threats to the work and life of local people and severely damaged the achievements of the land reform. In order to clear the banditry, the leaders of the military region decided to change tactics and organized a detachment of 36 personnel. Under the leadership of chief of staff Shao JianBo (Ray Chang), Yang ZiRong (Guangjie Li), Sun DaDe (Solution Teng) and Gao Bo (Zhang late Italian) Wisdom Take Tiger Hill, encirclement large pot helmet, and these "shark sex, mahjong-style" brutal enemy wits, desperate struggle. After timeless and arduous fierce battles, the criminals were eventually wiped out and the unit made the full victory of banditry.

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