Simei people(TV)[2017]
Simei people(TV)[2017]
Simei people(TV)[2017]

Simei people(TV)[2017]

Episode: 72 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Ke Ma Zhang Xinyu Zhenyu Qiao More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Hsiao-Ching Chang Yangguo Ding Year: 2017
Writer: Zhenhua Liang Genre: Costumes | History
Producer: Zhenhua Liang

《Simei people》Episodes

During the Warring States Period, the crowds competed. Born in the famous Qu Yuan (Ma Ke ornaments), by chance coincides with the folk slave girl Mo ChouNv (Viann ornaments). However, in the Chu State, which is suffering both internal and external disasters and crises, the two, although intimately acquainted with each other, can not remain mutually dependent. In order to break through the fickleness of fate, they defied the door and love each other. In the struggle against bully and power, the two were involved in the vortex of struggle for power in the struggle for family and nation and their country. In the meantime, Qu Yuan, a man of great skill and ability, has embarked on a journey of saving the country and saving the nation. Heart to serve the country, unable to get back to heaven, Qu Yuan eventually read all the despair, pain sinks in the Miluo River; Mo ChouNv is driving a boat far, from the boat lakes.

Plot Summary>>

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