Ten battle wolf(TV)[2016]
Ten battle wolf(TV)[2016]
Ten battle wolf(TV)[2016]

Ten battle wolf(TV)[2016]

Episode: 33 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Xiaoguang Yu Jiani Zhang Tianlin Zhang More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Jinyuan Wu Year: 2016
Writer: Wu Zheng Genre: Modern legend
Producer: Wu Zheng

《Ten battle wolf》Episodes

In the 1920s and 1930s, the Manchu remnants of the remnants of power in the Manchus dumped death and set up "Zongshen Jiu Duan Tuan" to collude with the Japanese spies. Patriotic youth Ma GaiTian, ​​the nicknamed "Sirius" sharpshooter, was initially blinded and exploited by the "death battalion", but resolutely broke it after seeing the organization's true colors. Ma GaiTian, ​​with the help of the bodyguard of Fuxing Security Company, secretly protected the target the Japanese Spy was trying to inflict injury on, and made clear and unannounced investigations into the conspiracy of the Japanese side. In times of crisis, Ma GaiTian and his partners came forward and attacked a series of intrigues by Hittite enterprises in their unique endeavor such as the encroachment of the Huai-Xi Railway and the embezzlement of Shanghai's ethnic enterprises. These patriotic youths finally gave their young blood in the flashy bullet of the 128 Songhuhai War.

Plot Summary>>

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