Complex Master(TV)[2017]
Complex Master(TV)[2017]

《Complex Master》Cast

Li Duan Nailiang Jia Play)

Compound master, high emotional intelligence, high IQ, comparable to the emotional "Sherlock Holmes", specifically to deal with various emotional problems, determined to fulfill the world lover. And on their own emotional issues, they have to suffer from the back and forth between Zhou Mo and the Monday-Sunday sisters.

Nailiang Jia

Jia Nailiang (Chinese: 贾乃亮; pinyin: Jiǎ Nǎi Liàng, born April 12, 1984) is a Chinese actor. Jia graduated from Beijing Film Academy.

Zhou Mo Xiaochen Wang Play)

He ZhouYi half-sister. After experiencing the clashes between the emotional events of Pang Wei and Ti Na, she was longing for the position of "Master Master" and fell in love with Li Duan on the same long-term affection after entering "Compound Master" office.

Xiaochen Wang

Xiaochen Wang, born July 25, 1988 in Qingdao, Shandong Province, graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy in 2008 and is an actress in Mainland China. In 2006, Xiaochen Wang, who attended the school, began her acting career as a solo artist in her first TV series, Modern Beauty. In 2007, starred in historical costume drama "Su Dongpo." In 2009, participated in the legendary drama "Republic of China". In 2010, starring in the TV series "clown daddy". In 2011, it won the New Year Brand Communication Award of the 3rd China Brand and Communication Conference. In 2013, he played the party Yi Yiyi in the urban emotional drama "My Love Boyfriend" and was well known to viewers. In 2014, he starred in the urban inspirational light comedy "Mom as Flowers," starring in the same year contemporary urban drama "second child era." In 2015, starring in emotional warm play "good times" and youth inspirational drama "Hello Joan." In April 2016, starring metropolitan love comedy "My! P.E. teacher" . May 21, 2016, won the 19th Huading Award for the national audience favorite movie star. In 2017, he starred in the urban emotional drama "The Reason of Happiness" and starred in the new martial arts drama "Ping Xia Xia Ying" in the same year.

He ZhouYi Lele Dai Play)

On Monday, Li Duan, a college classmate and a first love for each other, broke his hand as a result of a misunderstanding of two unexpected accidents. Deeply hurt Monday also set up his own break up office to become a master of division, in dealing with emotional problems for clients and compound team narrow road meet.

Lele Dai

Dai Lele, born July 6, 1982 in Beijing, graduated from the Beijing Film Academy and the mainland actress. In 1997 starred in the TV series "Little Devil Lu Zhisheng", since the beginning of performing arts. In 2000 idol scene comedy "Insect diary". In 2004, he participated in the urban emotional drama "What to move, do not move the feelings." Yu Bai Mei in 2006 and cooperation of the "house front", "invincible three legs cat" two works. In 2009 starred drama "Cuihua" eight years of classic version. In 2011 he starred in the comedy movie "Crazy dinner", starring in the same year urban drama "Lin master" in Seoul and family drama "daughter-in-law is how to make." In 2012, she participated in family emotion light comedy "naive encounter reality." In 2014 guest starred in the comedy movie "breaking up master", the same year in the TV series "my heart brilliant" plays the red. 2015 starring in the urban love light comedy "Peach Blossom" broadcast, December 24 starred in the comedy movie "villain angel" release. In 2016 in the urban emotional light comedy "Housewife also fight." Shen Hong starred in the end of 2016 the movie "Love" released at the box office broke 600000000, was praised "China a good wife."

Bao JiaoShou Chao Liang Play)

Li Duan, who is good at using the Internet to fully understand the customer's preferences, background, passing places, known as "computer guru", in order to help Li Duan couple complex career made a contribution. Love petty cheap, many problems, but it is a good old man.

Chao Liang

Jiang Chaoliang is a Chinese banker and politician, and current Communist Party Secretary of Hubei province.

More《Complex Master》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Juck Zhang Yu Guang He is 28 years old and is under He ZhouYi. To work on the computer must spray spray, in the company with a small nap at noon nap. Insist on going to work on time, get off work on time and resolutely do not work overtime. Rather than stand in front of an office, etc., can not enter the office a minute earlier. When it comes to get off work, whether he is outside the task, or is listening to He ZhouYi talk to himself, he will be mercilessly interrupted and immediately leave the work.
Jingjing Qu Ye Zi Li Duan men. Work hard to promote the town of young women. Senior psychology researchers, good at analyzing the psychological changes in the feelings of customers, known as "psychic master." Love to see Korean dramas, love to watch gossip, every new male star will be licking her screen, called her husband.
Wu Yah Heng Bu GanJiao Li Duan hands, the appearance, and even some rustic. The biggest advantage is to have one hand to really good real skill, known as the "master craftsman." A dumb guy in front of Li Duan. Because of his appreciation of Ye Zi's independence and courage, he unconsciously fell in love with her. But no one thought of it. Bu GanJiao is a hidden rich second generation. What he did not expect is that he turned out to be the spy of Lao Jin's compound office.
Deng Chao Mei YuanGui No introduction
Yanjun Bi Li DuanFuQin No introduction
Heidi wong Li DuanMuQin No introduction
Sze Yu Zhou MoFuQin No introduction
(None) He ZhouYiMuQin No introduction
Mao Li Pang Wei Popular singer, as a single image in front of the public, with numerous diehard powder. Time Pang Wei deep dating dating, underground girlfriend Ti Na suddenly "missing", but Pang Wei's every move was broker control, no freedom, love is very weak attitude, only to find a composite master in private to find a compound.
Nan Xie Ti Na Exhausted model, and the popular star Pang Wei fell in love eight years, eight years older than Pang Wei. Ti Na and Pang Wei fall in love when Pang Wei just debuted, and Ti Na is overwhelming. Thus, Ti Na used a lot of ways to help Pang Wei. Two people have a tough and wonderful time. However, as Pang Wei became popular, the affair between Ti Na and Pang Wei was frozen by a brokerage firm. Ti Na had to swallow, anonymity became the woman behind Pang Wei.
(None) Pang WeiJingJiRen No introduction
(None) Nan Jie No introduction
Quanyou Wang Gao ZhuBian No introduction
Michael Chen Lin YouYang 29 years old, opened a private image design studio, but also take care of a rather charismatic fashion public number. Practical work, proactive, there are relatively high emotional quotient, therefore, destined to be successful personality. It is also self-confident to oneself, often take some risks in the career and work, and at last it is good to steal the spotlight and gain popularity. Because of his playful, sharp, unique, keen fashion attitude quite influential to young ethnic groups.
(None) Fang Miao No introduction
Zhao Man bamboo Luo ManMan No introduction
Ophelia Lin YouYangJieJie No introduction
Jie Li Lin YouYangJieFu No introduction
Ni Yan Gu XiaoYi IT elite Jiang MoRan's wife, cake baking teacher. In the eyes of others, Gu XiaoYi and Jiang MoRan live a happy life in everyone's eyes. Everyone does not know, seemingly gentle husband Jiang MoRan actually suffering from cold symptoms, and his wife's communication has always been obstacles. As a result, both husband and wife left out the family, causing their daughter Tian Tian to develop severe symptoms of autism.
Xin Gao Jiang MoRan He is a good data analyst, in his heart, everything can be explained by data, including love, marriage and life, in the eyes of outsiders, his career success, family happy, and even he himself immersed in this small In the happiness But overnight, "marriage formula" was completely broken, with his wife suddenly found divorce five years.
Yang Kai Han Zhang Hui No introduction
(None) Tian Tian No introduction
(None) Gu XiaoYiZhuLi No introduction
Yichan Wang Sui Jing No introduction
Zhizhong Zhang Bao Fu No introduction

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