《Era》Ep7:Episode 7

Luo HaoBin joins with Lao Fang, an underground Party member, to convey Yan'an's policy of "Yalta Accord" and China's adherence to the road of independence and power. Mi LanNi is now an aide to Hurley, the United States ambassador, but her memory of an amnesia, once exposed, will certainly cause a huge storm. Luo Haobin found Mi LanNi has been eyeing, and he wants to immediately get in touch with Liang Tong, together to deal with this unexpected situation. As everyone knows, it is Ceng GuangXi, who has been staring at Mi LanNi. He not only suspected Mi LanNi but also suspected Liang Tong. Zhao HengXuan, a man under Ceng GuangXi's design, rented a house with a bug on Mi LanNi to watch her.

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