《Era》ending episode Episode 40

At the same time, Ceng GuangXi sent a team of troops to lay ambush in the dark. However, a large number of Chinese and foreign reporters suddenly appeared, helping Liang Tong to save the day in chaos. Because Du Yuming Corps encirclement, Liang Tong's identity caused more suspicion, he was forced to leave, at the U.S. embassy awaiting the verdict of fate. Liu FeiYun traveled to Hong Kong under the party's arrangements and announced that he was a communist statement, diverting everyone's attention once more and relieving Liang Tong of being in distress. Ceng GuangXi assassinated Mi Lan Ni in the chaos before the U.S. embassy wanted to withdraw from Nanjing. Although temporarily safe, Liang Tong will not be reused by Kuomintang leaders for a short period of time. Therefore, Lao Fang gave him a new task to counter the Chuanjun uprising led by Zhou YingKui.

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