《Era》Ep35:Episode 35

Zhao HengXuan did not ask Liang Tong for information from Luo HaoBin's mouth. Ceng GuangXi suddenly shot Zhao HengXuan. After that, he took Luo HaoBin to the hospital for medical treatment and threatened Liang Tong with Luo HaoBin's life. He also explicitly told Liang Tong, watch him. The war soon, Liang Tong can not get in touch with the organization, only to Wu MengXiang entrusted to bring oral information. After Chen Cheng made the trip to Taiwan in accordance with Chiang Kai-shek's arrangements, Liang Tong finally met Mi LanNi at the Peace Hotel in Shanghai. Mi LanNi brought the owner's instructions, will act as Liang Tong new contact, and with her husband and wife continue to work.

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