《Era》Ep30:Episode 30

Liang Tong and Liu FeiYun Liu FeiYun, who did not act as director of strategy department, was outraged and gave the new director a problem and wanted to see each other's joke. Liang Tong decided to sit on top of the mountain. The Kuomintang troops easily captured Linyi, while Liang Tong did not think that the communist army would easily be defeated. Wu MengXiang received a secret instruction from his superiors and sacrificed his 86th Division in order to cooperate with the East China Field Army in annihilating the three Corps of the Kuomintang Li Xianzhou Corps in one fell swoop and making a war of annihilation in Laiwu. Liang Tong commissioned his secret kill Shi ZhengXin, Zhou YingKui Shi ZhengXin drunk, tied with a belt, thrown into the river. Shi ZhengXin later was rescued, but became a vegetative state.

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