《Era》Ep26:Episode 26

Zhao HengXuan also found Zhou Fohai, extorted a lot of money. Zhou YingKui Heard rushed to Zhou Fohai's residence, Zhao HengXuan got out of luck, but Ceng GuangXi ordered him to leave Chongqing immediately. Liang Tong and others were awarded the rank of lieutenant general, he had his wife Yang SuYa similar night to go to the movies together, but Yang SuYa still go to participate in progressive learning. Just as the crowd aloud recalled the Communist Party's claim, the agents sent by Ceng GuangXi broke into the room and took away all the people in the scene. Liang Tong did not wait for his wife at the cinema door, with an ominous hunch. Early the next morning, newspapers in Chongqing published news of the violent and violent anti-government case. Chiang Kai-shek and Chen Cheng saw the news. For a time, various forces started a contest over the wife of Liang Tong.

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