《Era》Ep22:Episode twenty-second

Zhao HengXuan wants to meet Zhou Mansion with Zhou Yinhai Ceng GuangXi and threatens the whereabouts of silver bullion. At this time, a batch of traitors were executed under the hand of Ceng GuangXi at No. 76 Compound in Shanghai, and Tang Lian Zhang was also on the executed list. He Yingqin urged Ceng GuangXi to promptly close the case of silver bullion. Although Liang Tong has already taken charge of dunnaging silver ingots, he still felt Ceng GuangXi's unscrupulousness. Ceng GuangXi was invited to Zhou Gongguan to meet with Zhao HengXuan and handed over the new documents and cash to each other and told him to leave Shanghai temporarily for anonymity. Ceng GuangXi is a very gentle man. He wants Zhao HengXuan to be on guard for himself and to keep a piece against Liang Tong later on.

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