《Era》Ep14:Episode 14

In August 1945, Japan announced its surrender. Various forces are racing against each other, with a view to quickly receiving supplies at this time, occupying the site. Chen Cheng let Liang Tong and Ceng GuangXi prepare for Nanjing and submit Gang CunNingCi to the orders of the Chinese government. In Chongqing, Zhou Ying-kui took a robe and sent Zhang Mahjong sent by Zhou Fohai and learned about their radio station. Ceng GuangXi, who had been cooperating with Zhang Mah, feared that he had been in contact with Zhou Fohai but that he had not had time to get rid of it. Zhou YingKui had already launched Zhang Mahjong and his men into the streets to march through the traitorous signs, Punch killed. Shi ZhengXin intercepted a ship of silver and wanted to be shipped back to Japan, but the ship was captured by a warship bearing the banner of peace and peace.

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