Liang Tong Duo Zhang Play)

Senior officers, on the one hand, the KMT generals, plunged from the very beginning into a crisis of China's fate and interests as a special diplomat; on the other hand, they were underground Communists who lurched forward and faced the complicated situation alone And dangerous situations, dual identity strategy and trickery contest.

Duo Zhang

Duo Zhang, born November 6, 1979 in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, is an actor in Mainland China and graduated from the performance department of Shanghai Theater Academy. In 2001, Duo Zhang took part in the love drama "Romance in the Rain", officially debut. In 2005, he starred in urban love drama "Night Rain." In 2009, Duo Zhang won the Most Potential Actor Award for the 16th Shanghai TV Festival with his youth inspirational drama "My Youth Who is the Maker". In 2010, he starred in the family drama "flash marriage." In 2011, Duo Zhang was the producer of the online drama Money Too Married. In 2012, he starred in the suspense criminal drama "new detective alliance." In 2013, Duo Zhang starred in the urban emotional drama "The Old Things" and won the 8th Annual BQ Red List Young Leap Actor Award for his drama. In 2014, he starred in the medical drama "Young Doctor." In 2015, he starred in the love movie "Let's Get Married." In July 2016, Duo Zhang starred in spy drama "FY"; in December, he starred in the urban emotional drama "Beyond Vanguard still believes in love." In 2017, Duo Zhang starred in the show "Outside the House."

Mi LanNi Baihui Xu Play)

She is a widow of English envoys and is also employed by the U.S. embassy. Mi LanNi trained by the system agents, courage and tactics do not lose men, but unable to restrain Liang Tong's indifferent heart.

Baihui Xu

Baihui Xu, born August 3, 1983 in Changchun City, Jilin Province, graduated from 02 Department of Performance at the Central Academy of Drama and is an actress in mainland China. In 2004, starred in the first personal television series "Little Student", which officially entered the showbiz. In 2005, starred in costume martial arts drama "Blood Sword." In 2006, due to the legendary costume drama "Sun and the Moon" played Yang Meiyun in the entertainment emerge. In 2008, starring in the era of war drama "Zhongtian Jian Jian." In 2009, played in the costume legendary drama "Confucius" Yan Zheng in. In 2011, due to the spy-war drama in the Republic of China "Code 13 hairpin" as Xu Ziyan and get more attention. In 2012, he played Li Qing in family ethics drama "You Have Happiness." In 2013, appeared in the medical drama "Obstetricians." In 2014, starring in the era of spy drama "FY". In 2015, he played Su Yang in the "faraway distance" of educated youth emotional drama. In 2016, Bai Pigeon played a pigeon in the emotional drama "My Mom and Dad". In the same year, Baihui Xu won the actress's nomination for the 28th China Golden Eagle Golden Eagles Award for his drama series. In 2017, he was awarded the most favorite character figure in the Southern Festival of the 13th TV series "Great Times", and plays Zeng Wenyuan in the legendary war drama "Warrior of Forging Knife II". In the Republican Legendary Drama "Plays Li Suyao, Guo realistic in the rural real TV series" Tai Baizi Li Baoguo "plays Guo Suping.

Ceng GuangXi Wenzhong Shi Play)

Wenzhong Shi

Stone text, film and television actor. Brokerage company Tianrun Spirit Performing Arts Brokerage Company, on behalf of the works "hidden", "the world is the vicissitudes of life", "Scouting", "Green Blind", "East", "generation fierce", "hidden line" "world heart".

Xiu Gu Minna Yang Play)

Chuanjun general Zhou YingKui's daughter, a special family background created Xiu Gu careless personality, is a "female man." Passionate and truthfulness, in order to wait for the marriage with the childhood sweetheart Liang Tong, has been waiting hard in his hometown.

Minna Yang

Yang Ming Na, born September 27, 1976 in Shanghai, China, is an actress and graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy in 1998. In 1996 to participate in the first drama "Qin family storm"; starring in 1997 "New Gone with the Wind" and starring in 1998 "Water Margin" after attention; 1999 TVB version of "Blood Sword", and Lin Jiadong, Charmaine Opera, played an Ann Hui. In 2004, he starred in costume fairy tale "Legend of Paladin" and "New Strange Staircase"; in 2008, he participated in the national drama "Lock Qingqiu"; in 2013, he starred in "New Swordsman" Carved Walrus "played Huang Rong and get a higher degree of concern. In 2014, she plays Mrs. Wen in the drama "Live Color". In 2016 participated in the "Zhu Xian" adapted ancient costume drama "Albatron." 2017 in the TV series "That piece of the sky that piece of the sea."


Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Dongfu Lin Shi JiHong No introduction
Vivian Shi Yang No introduction
(None) Zhou YingKui No introduction
Masanobu Otsuka Shi ZhengXin No introduction
Junsheng Qi Zhao HengXuan Ceng GuangXi's confidante, originally devoted to Ceng GuangXi, but also because he owed numerous blood debts. But as the struggle between Ceng GuangXi and Liang Tong escalated, Zhao HengXuan became Ceng GuangXi's "victim" for self-protection.
Guancheng Lu Liu FeiYun No introduction
Fan Yan Yang SuYa No introduction
(None) Chen Cheng No introduction
Hu Yi Ren Wu MengXiang As a Major General of the Kuomintang hidden in the side of the Communist Party of Chiang Kai-shek, with his dual appearance as a serious man, but it is also a very wide range of personal skills, ease handed master.
Yatian Li Hu ZiQi No introduction
Zheng Gao Luo HaoBin No introduction
Dean Liu Yu ShouRen No introduction
Xu Wang Guo WeiZhang No introduction
(None) Ma Ke No introduction
Yasuyuki Hirata Gang CunNingCi No introduction
Wei Jia Tang LianZhang No introduction
(None) Tang TaiTai No introduction

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