Happy and see the rainbow(TV)[2016]
Happy and see the rainbow(TV)[2016]

《Happy and see the rainbow》Ep1:episode 1

Xu CaiHong and Zheng Yong came to Jiangcheng Civil Affairs Bureau. They just finished their divorce proceedings. Xu CaiHong looked at his fiance's brave face and his thoughts flew back a week ago. A week ago, Xu CaiHong pushing a large number of luggage rushed to the landlord, but found that the rent already prepared was gone, the landlord aunt very dissatisfied, warned her if they do not pay the rent then let him move out Xu CaiHong Good words, guaranteed to bring money. At this moment, Xu CaiHong's brother Xu Feng called and asked her to save her money quickly. Xu CaiHong bid farewell to her aunt and hurriedly found Xu Feng. It turned out that he had been hit by porcelain for 20,000 yuan and looked at each other Poor acting, Xu CaiHong scoffed a few tricks to scare the cheater, and learned from the mouth of the unemployed that he did not rent the rent. Xu CaiHong's Nai Nai got amnesia. She actually took old cloth tickets to the mall to buy fabric for the granddaughter who was going to marry. The sales clerk was in a dilemma. Xu CaiHong contacted Xu CaiHong for help. phone. Xu CaiHong was a wave of ups and downs, came to the mall to pick up Nai Nai home, but Nai Nai for Xu CaiHong marriage to buy cloth to request a discount, Xu CaiHong thought money is Nai Nai took. Asked Nai Nai, Nai Nai said she did not, Xu CaiHong suspected he had accidentally forgotten at home. Xu CaiHong's money was secretly collected because he was unable to go back home, and Li Da Yun, who heard footsteps, hid in a cupboard. Xu CaiHong who got home returned her home and found no rent. When Nai Nai stopped in front of the cupboard to see the rainbow took Nai Nai's money and searched Nai Nai's cupboard, in fact, Nai Nai was afraid that Xu CaiHong could find a notepad, so he locked the cupboard door and the rainbow took one day The pressure of a great deal, came to his room, see the wall stickers when you want to travel around the world. Because she has to take care of Nai Nai, but also worried about the younger brother of class, but also take into account the mother often leave home, I feel life is so difficult. Du Fan out of the airport gate, see the assistant to send him the message, asking him to leave quickly, with his help to stop people. Du Fan saw the bus at the airport and flew over quickly and asked Xu CaiHong to leave him as soon as possible. Xu CaiHong did not rely on him because he wanted to pick him up again. Du Fan threatened Xu CaiHong to complain to them if he did not rely on him. Xu CaiHong had no choice but to send Du Fan went to the hotel, but missed positive. Du Fan came to the landlord Aunt rented a rainbow house here Rainbow call customer service to confirm Du Fan did not order service, so in front of the landlord accused Au Fan Du Fan is an out-and-out big liar, let the landlord aunt not to sell his house, but Du Fan called the airport customer service and confirmed that it was a mistake made by the staff. Xu CaiHong had no choice but to win the sympathy of the landlord's aunt. Du Fan cynically gave him a rainbow and in a hurry he dropped Du Fan's cold water. Du Fan put down the hard talk and let Xu CaiHong move out in a week. Xu CaiHong, who was distraught and desperate, took a phone call while he was on his way home and saw her fiance waited for her with her flowers. Xu CaiHong rushed up and took Zheng Yong (fiancé) and all her troubles, pressures and grievances The joy is overwhelmedZheng Cai took Xu CaiHong to the top of the hill to propose to her and told Xu CaiHong to move to their own house in three months. Xu CaiHong and Zheng Yong returned home. Nai Nai and his younger brother welcomed Xu CaiHong to a marriage. Xu CaiHong opened a cupboard at the request of the rainbow and Li Da Yun fell out when she asked for a rental contract. Li Da Yun asked for a rainbow Do not 撵 her out, pity the leg to obtain rainbow sympathy. It was at this time distant mountain uncle (positive courageous father) came, in order to rainbow and Zhengyong marriage thought, we quickly put Lee Da Yun and stuffed into the closet. Far mountain uncle came to the rainbow home in a threatening manner, to the mind of the eldest son away, he gave his son a rainbow house to buy a house very dissatisfied, and kept saying how rainbow mom is irresponsible, in rainbow and her brother At the age of ten, he ran away from home with money and dropped young ignorant ones. He listened to his daddy's courageous past and voice with blame. Lee Da Yun could no longer hide So, rushed out, grabbed the distant mountain uncle, asked him to give yourself a statement, in such circumstances, are bravely want to pull out his father, but was a distant Tunshituban turned out, this You can stand on the side of the rainbow to the bad gas, a help yong yelled loudly, stopped Yunshan uncle and everyone, told the face of the distant mountain uncle, she was brave enough not to marry , No one can not control, this is their own business, no one can intervene. There is a great "husband when the door closed, Wan Fu Mo open" momentum. Just then, the style of the fast turn, Du Fan appeared, came to his own home, memories of childhood bit by bit, remembered childhood happy time, remembered the hour his father caught him turn the scene, deep down Emotion can no longer suppress.

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