Lonely war(TV)[2016]
Lonely war(TV)[2016]
Lonely war(TV)[2016]

Lonely war(TV)[2016]

Episode: 48 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Miao Pu Miao Pu Aaron More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Chen Weiguo Year: 2016
Writer: Wang Qi Genre: Spy war
Producer: Yao Bowen

《Lonely war》Episodes

In 1943, a list of officers who lurked Wang puppet and military orders was arrested by the chiefs and locked in a bank safe in Shanghai. Party member Chen Xiao was ordered to make a fingerprint cover using fingerprinting to remove the list. The action failed, the key of the safe was taken by Wang Pseudo-Special Branch, and contact Song Jie would have to get the list before sacrificing. Chen Xiao, who is out of touch with the organization, finds herself pregnant. Xie YiFu, an undercover agent of my party in the special services department, helped Chen Xiao sneak into the enemy camp as the military secret service "Kang Ziqin." In addition to Li ShiJie's suspicions, Leng JianPing's dissatisfaction, Fan WeiChen's disarray, and the power struggle that killed you in the hostile camp, I also let Kang Zicin step into the edge of the cliff. She used the enemy's rights struggle to help Li ShiJie atrocities Leng JianPing and get rid of its members Lu TianQi, crisis and opportunity coexistence of the camp, physical and psychological reaction to pregnancy and other life and death, she persevered, and ultimately she With faith and wisdom, thrilling to get the list, and disintegrate the enemy of a shaking conspiracy & nbsp ;.

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