What winter, how cool summer(TV)[2017]
What winter, how cool summer(TV)[2017]

《What winter, how cool summer》Cast

Xi XiChen Nailiang Jia Play)

Inborn temperament, there are shares of the domineering Xi XiChen, in the eyes of outsiders he is the best, enough good, perfect enough. Treats feelings, but he is like a child, cautiously and anomalously sensitive, often tempted, can not help but touch, when Jian AnJie deserted, he consciously retreat to the most appropriate distance, and then, waiting for the next move .

Nailiang Jia

Jia Nailiang (Chinese: 贾乃亮; pinyin: Jiǎ Nǎi Liàng, born April 12, 1984) is a Chinese actor. Jia graduated from Beijing Film Academy.

Jian AnJie olivia Play)

Was born in the patriarchal family, but also unexpected changes, there are autistic, afraid of students, but abruptly sent abroad, the language barrier, life constraints, psychological and uncomfortable, so sharp and exellent excuse me, so Character, just Xi XiChen.


Wang Ziwen (Chinese: 王子文, born 28 February 1987), also known by her English name Olivia Wang, is a Chinese actress. She is more known for portraying Qu Xiaoxiao in the popular Chinese television drama Ode to Joy.

Pu Zheng Daniel Chan Play)

Daniel Chan

Daniel Chan Hiu-tung (born 3 September 1975) is a popular Hong Kong singer, songwriter, and actor. He is most notable as one of the young talents in the 1990s music scene.

Ye Lin

Ye Lin is a model and a celebrity, and was a girlfriend with Jian AnJie. Ye Lin due to sister seriously ill, home constraints, in the inferiority and misunderstanding broke up with Annie. Ye Lin also signed an "inequality" contract with Xi XiChen's company to make money for the seriously ill sister.


No introduction

More《What winter, how cool summer》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Jia Yu Sun Mo JiaZhen Mo JiaZhen is Jian AnJie's girlfriends, funny white B & B, Charm still legal counsel. Often as a military adviser, for Jian AnJie and Xi XiChen love affair. But inadvertently fell in love with Jian AnJie's name brother Pu Zheng. Take the initiative to love, several confessions, not to be discouraged after the defeat, will eventually warm male Pu Zheng impressed. A pair of happy enemies eventually married.
Zoey Yang YaLi White, rich and beautiful girl. Ye Lin's gossip girlfriend. Student time, once the best girlfriends Jian AnJie. But fell in love with Ye Lin at the same time as Jian AnJie. Ye Lin heart to heart love still can not move Ye Lin's heart. Frustrated, helplessly let go.
Kai Tan Jian ZhenLin Jian AnJie's father, chairman of Jane's Group. Originally a merchant who was indifferent to his affection and had the highest interests, he was extremely desirous of his affection after he learned that he was going to die soon. In the mall, and Xi XiChen jointly repeal the attempt to misappropriate Jane's Group, Shen Ching Yu, assured her most beloved daughter to their best choice for the son-in-law Xi XiChen hands.
Yingzi Zhaohan Lin Min No introduction
Dongdong Guo Nian Yi No introduction
Dean Wu Yang Kai No introduction
Haohan Li Chen QiJun No introduction
Zhuge orange Yun RanRan No introduction
Mou Li Cheng Jing Fashion school flowers. Cheng Jing decided to face his feelings under the guise of Pu Zheng. When Cheng Jing planned to leave his fiancé with Pu Zheng and found out that all his credit cards were frozen, his fiancé Come to sum up, the face of money and love choices, Cheng Jing into a dilemma.
Zhou Yi Tong Lu Lu No introduction
Meng Wei Yu WenYi No introduction
(None) Ye XiaoXiao No introduction
Cash Jian YuLin No introduction
Chen Mengxi Lin XiaoDi No introduction
(None) Qu Wei No introduction
Yang Li Paul No introduction
Xi beautiful Xu Yuan No introduction
(None) A Hua No introduction
(None) Lao Hong No introduction
Meng Hikorori Shao NianXiXiChen No introduction
Cai Dandan Huang ShiWen No introduction

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