Female doctor Ming Fei Biography(TV)[2016]
Female doctor Ming Fei Biography(TV)[2016]

《Female doctor Ming Fei Biography》Ep1:Yin Yin Fu House to save people from house to house law

During the Ming dynasty, Cheng Zhu Neo-Confucianism thrived, ethical education was rigorous, and women's status was underground. Aristocratic women were not allowed to make appearances. Even if they were sick, they would like to observe the difference between men and women. "Sangu six Po", reputation is indecent. Ming Yingzong Zhu QiZhen succeeded as the throne, Sun TaiHou assistant government, Yingzong years absurd, confidant east factory. Xu ShiLang home big swing birthday feast too Mrs. He Shou, but in fact is the reason for the birthday of He Shushe selection of daughter-in-law, each lady competing to show talent, security and county Wang MeiLin talent outstanding, won the applause of everyone, only Hangzhou Yun Yin One person unmoved. Yoo Hyun on behalf of the father gifts Yinxu courtyard is a herb in the hospital to attract Dendrobium herb, picking herbs, Zi Su sucked strangers man hijacked, Yin Yun found each other in the highly toxic, dying, not only without exception, but Exert a helping hand, dendrobium donated to each other detoxification. It turned out that this strange man is King Zhu Qiyu, Sun TaiHou want to King Wang as the new king, Cao JiXiang fear that the status of the factory so be shaken, then carrying the emperor sent chase King. East factory into the Xu search, chaos, Mrs. Xu sudden stroke, everyone is helpless, only the medical treatment of Yin Yun calm rescue, giving the needle bleeding, timely rescued Mrs. Xu Tai's life. Wang MeiLin, under the command of his father Wang Guogong, pretended to be fainted and avoided his eyes and ears, and then secretly found the king of the kings, hiding it in his sedan to bring out Xu Fu. Rescued by people highly praised Yin Yun returned home but drew his father's family law, because Yun Yin violated the "family members shall not be" from the family motto - Tan Jiazu for the physician, but was framed The encounter drowsiness, Yun Yin's grandfather in order to shelter his family to commit suicide, to apologize, Yun Yin's brother also died on the way fugitive. Tan family changed its name from the surname, replaced by Hang name, Yun Yin's father and therefore into the military post, with a view to establish military service as soon as possible to promote, in the hall for the family clean innocence. Although there is such a family practice, but Yoo Hsien is a talented and keen medical student, Yun Yin's grandmother can not bear to lose her family medicine since then, allowing Yun Yin with her childhood to learn medical treatment.

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