Bitter village official(TV)[2017]
Bitter village official(TV)[2017]

《Bitter village official》Cast

Wan Xi Yongchen Qian Play)

Farmer singer, became popular after being elected village official and led villagers fortune. In fact, the village official Wan Wan did not want to do, but Wan Xi want to do a good job. The fooled back to the village when the village singer, finally struggled in the experience of the old party secretary and his family's intentions.

Yongchen Qian

Yongchen Qian, born in Shanghai on December 2, 1980, is an actor in mainland China and graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy. In 2002, starred in the personal first family drama "family benefit" into the showbiz. In 2008, because of the fashion city drama "Twins" as chapter played Zhangle corner was recognized by the audience. In 2009, with the Republic of China drama "diamond giants" get more attention. In 2012, starring in the drama "married into giants." In 2016, starring national drama "honeysuckle rose." In 2017, participating in spy drama "perfect match."

Mei Hua Deer Play)

Industrious and thrifty, in the face of difficulties never easily retreated, do think ahead of others, have a tolerant heart. Mei Hua Primary School took the home cooking spoon cooking. After graduating from high school, Mei Hua went to the town's She Shan Museum to help workers. She learned a skill and became a famous little girl in four directions. Five years ago Mei Huaiang and Wan Xiiang were privately named Mei Hua and Wan Xi Pro set, unexpectedly Wan Xi in order to escape the arranged marriage will not go back. Mei Hua heartbroken, has been waiting for his return.


Deer, born on September 19, 1992, graduated from Beijing Film Academy with a major in performing arts and is an actress in Mainland China. In 2015, he started his acting career by playing Huang Yi Jia in the suspense drama "Bloodshed". In October, starring rural theme drama "Bitter village official." In 2016, he participated in the urban emotional drama "Love Return" directed by Meng Ji. In November, he starred in the modern city sentimental TV series "Most Dearest Lovers." In January 2017, starring in the era of war drama "solitary war" broadcast.

Wan NaiNai Gaowa Siqin Play)

Gaowa Siqin

Siqin Gaowa (ᠰᠡᠴᠡᠩᠭ᠋ᠣᠣ᠎ᠠ, Mongolian Cyrillic Цэцэнгуа, born 19 January 1950), born Duan Anlin, is a Swiss actress with a Han Chinese father and a Mongolian mother. She was born in Guangzhou. Her father died early and she was brought up by her mother in Inner Mongolia. She is married to musician Chen Liangsheng (陈亮声) since 1986 and currently holds Swiss citizenship together with her husband.

Yang TengLong Wei Liu Play)

Wei Liu

Wei Liu, born on October 16, 1957 in Changchun, Jilin, China, film and television actress. The first film in 1983, "the impression of autumn", began to emerge. In 1986, "Guanzhongnv" played Guan Yuntian. In 1993 by virtue of starred in "Ming Dynasty" Li Longji won the Tenth China Golden Eagle Award for best actor award. 1996 film "Flying Tigers." From 2002 to 2004, he served as the male No. 1 veteran in the sitcom Old Man's x Project. In 2008, starred in the drama "The Burning Life." In 2011, CCTV Spring Festival Gala party with Tsai Ming showpiece "new house." In 2014, starring Shih Tze Fat at "Ten Satpsties Red Army". Starring TV series "Dad comes home" release.

More《Bitter village official》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Wang Julin Zhao YouBao No introduction
Martine Ma Xing Hua Rural widow. Feel pungent, dare to love and hate, like Wan Xi. Her debts have forced her to leave Wan Xi and marry as a woman. Perhaps Hua Hua has long been no longer nostalgic Wan Xi, bent only to control their own little day. But by default, her husband's death let her bear the "widow" full of strange words.
Kun Yang Liu YuCui No introduction
Yan Gu Wang GuiXiang Wan Xi's mother. Like most mothers, when the son has reached the marriageable age and has not yet got married, they will try their best to get married. Wang GuiXiang is no exception. In the same time reminder marriage, Wang GuiXiang like to do some superstitious activities, give Wan Xi fortune-telling at every turn.
(None) Wan Le No introduction
(None) Da YiZuan No introduction
(None) Jian JianGun No introduction
(None) Er ShenShou No introduction
Shoichi Liu Xiao Man No introduction
Evan Long Gu No introduction
Yue Xiao ice Zheng BaoGen No introduction
Lu Han Qiao Ye Qiao Ye is a talented graduate who has given up her chance of working in a big city and has chosen to be an unknown village official. As a result of her work, Qiao Ye had many opportunities to contact Wanxi, the village chief, and she gradually became more interested in Wan Xi. Unexpectedly, Qiao Ye inadvertently became a "third party".
(None) He Tao No introduction
(None) Zhen Zhang No introduction
Shaw side Cheng DuiZhang No introduction
(None) Xiu Ju No introduction
(None) Fu Tou No introduction

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