Monitor adult 2(TV)[2017]
Monitor adult 2(TV)[2017]

《Monitor adult 2》Character Relationships

TV《Monitor adult 2》the relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina 《Monitor adult 2》 Character Relationships:

《Monitor adult 2》Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Ye MuQi

Maple Leaf high school class leader. Ye MuQi, a young girl with a "hole in the head", she is in love with her, she is neurotic, she is also cute, stubborn and unconvinced! She cares for and protects everyone around her in her own special way, Not just to talk about it.

Liao DanYi

Maple Leaf high school class one study member. As a high school student, Liao DanYi has a different and inherently different age. Strict demands on their own life, has long been the goal of the struggle, but unexpectedly appeared in his life and his values ​​are completely different Ye MuQi, all the way to the collision growth, Danny young high-cold appearance has a unique delicate heart world.

Xue XiaoDong

Maple Leaf high school students in high school, popular campus idol. Although he seems to be difficult to get along with when he was an early age, in fact, he is considerate and warm. He is very concerned about the actress. In addition, he has the proud and proud personality.

Zhu ShanQi

Maple Leaf high school students in class. Is a love spicy, animal husbandry every day a small fan girl. She often home at home do not go to school, chasing stars watching the drama. Because like idol and assigned to the same class, they began to actively go to school, find ways to create opportunities for chat and encounter.

Guan XinYi

Guan XinYi, a squad leader of Maple Leaf High School, who is known as one of the elite high schools, is a schoolmaster. In all respects, the honor of first place has always been her bottom line. Cold personality, a glance, very domineering, and Ye MuQi is a completely different character.

He LvXi

No introduction

Huang Nan

No introduction

Huang Yi

No introduction



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